Thursday, September 8, 2011

All About the Kids

Zach is growing up so fast. He weighs over 20 pounds now! He has 2 teeth with 2 more showing-getting ready to come in. He likes to bounce and chase balloons. He loves to watch bubbles and to cuddle. He's still always smiling and always laughing. He gets really goofy when he's tired and giggles nonstop, until he's reached the over tired point, then he's grumpy. He can stand for short periods of time without holding onto anything. Instead of sitting down while standing, most of the time he will fall backwards. I haven't found a food or drink that he doesn't like yet. He's adventurous, extremely happy, a flirt and oh, so much fun. Zach is also very much a mama's boy.
Lilly...oh, how the time has flown by. She'll be 7 in 6 1/2 months. She has her first loose tooth. She just noticed it yesterday and she can't stop wiggling it, which is gross to me. Teeth are just gross, unless they are growing in, then I can deal with it. She's in the first grade and very smart. She's very social, but kind of shy...and very emotional, just like me. She's very loving and cares deeply for her family, especially Zach. Those two are like 2 peas in a pod. Lilly loves to be outside and run. Her favorite game is hide and seek, but if you find her too soon, she gets upset. She looks like she's going to be taller than me, too. She's growing like a weed and eating all the time. She doesn't like to talk on the phone, unless its to me. She doesn't really like shopping either. Lilly does like to help me cook and bake. Her favorite tv shows are iCarly and Spongebob and her favorite movie is Hotel for Dogs. She loves movies about dogs.
So, that's the rundown on my kids. Just a little info I thought I'd share.
Nothing really interesting happened yesterday, well... other than the visit from the in-laws. The bought us a huge high chair because I don't have one, ok, I do, but its in storage and I can't find it. My grandma has on in her storage building and said she'd get it for me, but hasn't yet. Hubby's mom took that the wrong way and thought my grandma just wouldn't let me have it at all. (its the kind that is just basically a booster seat with a tray that you can strap into chairs. Just like the one in one of the pictures in yesterday's post. That one is at the in-laws house) I like these. They are small and fold up when not in use and I can put it under the table, or anywhere. The one she bought us is the kind that stands alone. Where am I going to put it? Hubby told her in our driveway several times that we didn't have room for it, but she made him carry it upstairs anyway. And we don't have room for it. We finally got her to take it back to her house. It was just crazy. It was like she didn't understand that we don't have the room. Seriously, no room at all.
I can't wait to be able to get out of that cramped apartment! 

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