Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Some Pics of Zach

I got an email yesterday from the realtor that we are using. She said that she finally got to talk to the other realtor who actually has the house listed and it turns out that the house isn't available and hasn't been since last time. She asked him why it was showing that it was available and all he could say was that he didn't know. I was really hoping to get that house. There still is a very small chance that we will. There is still time for the contract to fall through.
Got Lilly back yesterday and she wasn't sunburnt. I was very surprised. She kept talking about how big Zach was, but I think she just thinks that he grew a lot because she spent the weekend around her other brother who is only a month old. She always talks about how big Zach is when she gets back home from her father's house.
Here's some pics of Zach that has been taken over the past few days. I was wanting to get one of Lilly yesterday while she was trying to play some Minute to Win It games, but she kept hiding.


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