Friday, September 23, 2011

Oh my goodness... Its FRIDAY!!!

Last night was the last night that we were staying at my sister-in-laws house to watch her kids. We do have to go back today, but that's only to get the rest of our stuff that we left there. I think we got everything except Zach's stuff.
Some time this weekend we are going to go up to the house we want and take a good look outside. Hubby wants to make sure he can't find anything wrong with the foundation. The roof is fairly new, but he's still going to look at it too. I want to survey the property as well.
The lawyer who is doing the auction finally got back with me, or at least his assistant did. I asked what all we would need to bring with us, cash or proof that we can get a loan (cuz if it was cash, it would be a no go), how much left over taxes there were... stuff like that. You know what... here's our emails.
Mine to her (I wanted to express how much we wanted the house in case they would make a deal with us before the auction.)
"My husband and I have had our eye on this house for weeks now. I was just able to get our pre-approval letter Monday and then come to find out that the house is being auctioned off September 27. Neither one of us has been to an auction and I need to know what we need to bring with us. Would we need to bring the approval letter; it doesn't have a dollar amount on it. We will be able to get the loan within the required 30 days after bidding. Also, how much is the remaining taxes on the house, if any?
Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. As I said earlier, this is the house we've been wanting for quite a while now and we are eager to get it.
Thank you"

Her to me~

"We do not have a minimum bid as of today, we typically receive the bids a couple of days prior to the sale. You would not need to bring anything with you to the sale. You will have 30 days to close the loan after the foreclosure sale date. Thank you"

So would that mean that its a sealed auction? You have to bid on the house before you go? Then how do you outbid someone? Hubby is going to give them a call today.
I went yesterday and bought Zach's big Christmas gift. I'm going to pick it up today and also get his Halloween costume. He's gonna be a fireman. I thought that's what Lilly wanted to be too, but I think she changed her mind. I don't know. Here's a pic of Zach's costume (I took a picture of it a few days ago to show hubby, but he just told me last night to pick it up, I hope its still there) and then one of Zach looking at a ceiling fan. He loves those things. I will of course post pics of the kids on here in their costumes later.

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