Monday, April 30, 2012

So um....

Found out Saturday that my grandma has cancer. She had these bumps on her face and had them checked out. They were all cancerous but one of them grew roots and spread. Now her options are either radiation therapy or surgery. But I'd they do surgery and don't get all the cancer then it will spread even more. I honestly don't think she'll want to do anything about it. Mom called and told me. She can't remember what it's called. I had the privilege of telling some of my brothers. First I texted my uncle to make sure Chris was doing ok. I didn't want to tell him if he was having one of his dark days. So then I call and tell him. He hasn't seen her in about 7 years so I don't really know how he felt about it. Then I called Tony to tell him and he was getting ready for prom. I told him to have fun and take lots of pictures. I will tell him in a few days. I didn't want that in his mind while he was supposed to be having fun.
When mom told me, I tried so hard not to cry while I was on the phone. We talked a bit but when we got off the phone, I lost it. Hubby called his mom to come pick up Zach so I could have some alone time and make phone calls. It's just unbelievable, ya know? I don't know how bad it is or anything either.
Bought Zach a Mickey mouse potty seat and I sat him on it. He liked it. I'm glad he wasn't scared of it. So we will start potty training now. Awesome thing for today is **pullups** they make potty training a little bit easier.
Sunday we went to look at a house that isn't even listed for sale. I fell in love. It has so much space and the layout is great. The yard is huge and mostly fenced in. There's a few trees for nice shade. Here some pics from this weekend. They aren't in order. I'm still figuring out how to use this app.

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