Monday, April 2, 2012

A Lot Going On

Things went ok this weekend. Lilly had ball practice and it went well. I couldn't yell and tell her she did great or cheer for her since I couldn't talk. I clapped and gave her thumbs up instead.
Our 31 fundraiser went great. We have already sold over $300 worth of purses and stuff and there's more coming. If you are interested in at least seeing what 31 is, or if you do want to purchase, please do so through this link then click on "MY EVENTS" and then click on the first one that says "United Bank Relay for Life" on the words that say "shop now" and you'll be well on your way. 20% of all purchases will go to the American Cancer Society. Our event closes on April 6, so you better hurry!
Saturday I sort of had my voice back. We didn't do anything. We were going to take the kids fishing, but hubby's truck was in the process of breaking down and he wanted to get it fixed. I'm not sure if he ever did or not. It was such a boring day. Zach took a nap around noon, so I did too. An hour later we were up and then hubby went to take a nap. I kinda hate it when he takes naps cuz he doesn't really nap, he sleeps. I took an hour nap, he was out for 5 hours. Lilly ended up falling asleep on the couch and slept for about 3 hours. Zach took another nap around 5 and didn't wake up until 7. After everyone was finally awake, I asked hubby if he wanted to take the kids out to eat since we never got to take Lilly out for her birthday. He agreed, but soon after he got a text. One of the guys on the fire station, not a fire fighter but I'm not 100% sure what he is, his wife and granddaughter were in a wreck and on their way to the hosptial. They were fine, but they were just being checked out. And so hubby took off to the hospital.
Sunday was busy. I got up early with the kids, got them fed and dressed and we headed out to my mom's. It was nice. We actually hung out at her house instead of her boyfriend's. They bought a big peice of land and he got the top part and mom's down in the bottom. The kids played outside, Lilly caught a fish, they played with the dogs and we went for a walk. **Taking a walk outside** is my awesome thing from this weekend. We were out in the middle of nowhere. No cars. We saw deer prints, watched the dogs play in the creek, picked flowers and tossed rocks. It was nice. It made me really miss living out here. I like the city, but sometimes I miss the country where I was raised. Mom loved her Easter basket that we made her, too. It was a very nice visit. After that we went to my ex step dad's house where my 2 youngest brothers were. It was nice cuz I never get to see Seth since he's always at his dad's house. He informed mom that when school is over he's moving in with her and when he turns 18 in August, he's moving in with our ex step dad. I don't blame him. I lived with his dad for 7 years and that was more than enough. (I think that's how long mom and him were married) I don't really know if I'm going to go back there or not, to my ex step dad's apartment. Its just so tiny and its hard to move around with 2 big boys and my step dad who is a big guy too and then my kids running around. There's no where to sit or even really stand. And it was such a mess. Zach kept picking up trash and throwing it away. He's such a good boy.  My step dad needs a maid or to move where he has more room or something. That and he wasn't really that welcoming. I was there before he got home. I was hanging out with my brothers when he came home and then all he did was complain. He complained about mom. He complained about the boys. He even complained about the basket we made for him. And then he kept asking me when I was going to leave. Kinda made me feel like crap. I'm just glad Lilly was occupied and wasn't listening. It would have broke her heart.
After that we headed to grandma's so I could drop Lilly off to spend the night. I gave Zach a bath while we were there and then I didn't get home until almost 9:00.
Lilly has ball practice again today. I gotta make sure I soak her in sunscreen. I got a bit of sun at moms. I was red on my face and arms, but I didn't get burnt.
Oh... yeah... hopefully Tuesday we are going to go to our realtor's office and start the paperwork to try to get a house. Its the last house we went to look at on the inside. The mid-entry with hardwood floors in the upper level, one car garage, 4 bedrooms, 1 full bath 2 half baths, nice sized yard, ok sized kitchen with lots of counter and cabinet space... and yellow bathroom fixtures. I really like this house and I'm glad hubby finally decided to make an offer. He kept saying he liked it, but he just didn't know. I didn't know what he didn't know, but we are going to try to get it now. I'm so excited! Our realtor hasn't got back with us to tell us if she can do Tuesday or not.
Easter is 6 days away (5 for us) and he haven't gotten a thing for the kids yet. I told hubby on Saturday that it was a good day to do that, but he said the has plans for the day we're going to. Wednesday is the only day I can see where we can do it. We'll have to drop the kids off somewhere. Monday-Lilly has practice. Tuesday- We are hopefully signing for a house. Thursday-the only day we have to color eggs. Friday-Lilly has practice. And Saturday is when we are going to celebrate it. Lilly's father has her this year for Easter, so we are going to celebrate a day early. And...hubby has to work too. So, we'll have to do it bright and early in the morning before he heads out. I might take the kids somewhere to do an egg hunt, then I'm off to grandma's to meet Lilly's father.
Happy Monday everyone. I hope today is good. I hope this week is better than last week. At least I can mostly talk today.

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