Friday, April 13, 2012

My bros

Anyone ever play a prank on a younger sibling? Nothing that caused them physical harm or anything like that.
I remember one that me and Chris played on Tony.. for those of you who don't remember, Chris is the brother right above me and Tony is the brother right below me. Chris is 3 years older than me, Tony 7 years younger. My mom and step dad were gone, it was just us 3 and another younger brother Seth at the house. I think Tony must've been 3 maybe 5 at the time. Me and Chris started acting like we didn't know Tony and kept asking him why he was in our house. At first Tony thought it was funny, but we kept on. After a while, Tony went into his room, grabbed one red shirt and a few toys and went outside behind the house and cried. At this point, it was time to quit. I went to him, laughing of course, and told him we were just joking. And then seeing what he had packed just cracked me up even more. Chris was rolling on the ground from laughing. Tony was mad for a bit, but quickly got over it. It was a funny/sad/funny situation.
I hold so many memories of my brothers. Tony getting bit by a dog, Seth falling in the creek, Chris 'running away', Josh and his imaginary friends-Raz and Shaz, Donavan breaking his collar bone, Seth hitting Tony in the head with a cane making him get stitches, Chris falling on the porch and taking a lot of skin off his leg, Me and Chris riding bikes around the house so much there's no grass, Tony taking a big bite of mayo when I told him it was icing, Tony melting crayons in his hands, Seth getting stuck in a toy dump truck, Josh and his 'talking tree', Donavan basically living off Cheetos for week, Chris burning his hand after taking a baking pan out of the oven using his bare hands, Donavan and Seth's big bike wreck where they collided into each other, Tony needing his legs rubbed at night to be able to fall asleep, mine and Chris' big fight where we went to punch each other and hit our fists together instead, late night poker games with Josh and Chris, Donavan stuffing the cats in our mailbox, Seth's good hiding spot in the closet making everyone worry..... its been fun, crazy, dramatic, horrible, sad, and wonderful. **Childhood memories** are my awesome thing for today. No matter how bad things got, we still had some fun. Out of all the bad that went on during my childhood, I still managed to collect a lot of great memories with my brothers.

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