Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Insert some profound title here.....

I kind of feel like I'm in a loop lately. I've been basically doing the same things every day. Ya know... wake up at the same time, drive the same road to the same job, do the same work, drive the same road back home, watch the same shows on tv... its a loop. I need some excitement. I thought by joining a gym I'd get a little off routine. I thought going to Lilly's games would throw me off too, but I still feel like I'm in this..... hole or something. Yeah... I try to do something different every now and then, but its short lived and I'm back in my routine. I used to find comfort in the same ol' same ol' but I think I'm just getting tired of it. I don't go out. I don't do anything. I took an extra long lunch last week to go see the Hunger Games and I loved it, but that too was short lived. After the movie, I was back at work sitting at the same desk.
I've been looking for ways to permently change my daily routine... I've been looking for other work, I've been trying to get a house-another place to live, but all those have fallen through my fingers. I think my biggest problems are just those things... I work at a job I don't enjoy that pays very little, and I'm in a living space that isn't big enough for me to do anything... I can't breathe in that cramped space.
Anyway..... Lilly's scrimmage went ok. She didn't really get to play much. She hit the ball every time, she didn't strike out. Her last time up to bat was her best hit. She had fun and that's all that really matters. It was cold out there. I had Lilly in 2 shirts, her jacket, sweat pants and knee high socks. Poor Zach ended up going to the car with hubby to warm up before the game was over. Her first real game is on Monday. I hope the coach plays her more or at least puts her somewhere other than outfield. She can catch, I wish the coach would take advantage of that. Maybe next game...
On a side note... one of my favorite blogs is coming to an end soon. is almost done. The countdown is almost over. Its been great going online every morning and seeing the next awesome thing and sharing my own stories and reading other people's comments. I have the books and I'll get every book Neil Pasricha puts out. All good things must come to an end, right? I'm sad to see it go, but its been a great ride. It kind of feels like I'm breaking up with someone that I was in this 4 year long committed relationship with. I will miss you all. Its been fun 'growing up' with all of the people in the awesome community. I know we will all walk away from this blog with brighter eyes and a new appreciation for all the small things that make this world go 'round. I hope everyone keeps spreading the happy and keeps track of their own little awesomes. Its kind of weird that I've become so attached to a blog, but its just like a good book, only this one has lasted 4 years. My awesome thing for today is **internet friends** You may never meet them, but it was great getting to know them.

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