Friday, April 20, 2012

No pictures

Blogger has upgraded to a new version that isn't supported by my browser, but I am unable to upgrade because I don't have the ability to. This is a work computer, they have to do it. I don't own a personal computer. So... I can only write. I cannot post pictures. I had some cute ones of the circus too. But you can still check out the pics on
We were rushed trying to get to the circus. We thought we were going to be late. We made it just in time. Zach had his own seat and sat in it for about the first 20 minutes before he was done with that. He watched, he clapped, he danced until about intermission. Lilly was having a blast. She was yelling and clapping and she loved that I snuck in some McDonalds chicken nuggest for them to eat. After intermission, Zach was ready to go home. It was way past his bedtime. I took him out of the main area to get him away from the noise and we walked around for a bit. I tried rocking him, singing to him... but he just wouldn't go to sleep. It was too noisy. Finally, at 10 pm it was over and we rushed to the car and was the second car out of the parking garage. Both kids fell asleep in the car on the way home.
Yesterday I spent the better part of my work day on commenting and reading and reflecting on the past 4 years. I hardly did any work and was probably flagged for being on the internet too much. It was worth it. As I continue to relive those years I want to mention **Optimism** for my awesome thing of the day. The awesome blog was full of optimism and brought a lot of optimistic people together for some great times. Generosity, love, happiness is what this world is all about. Let's try to let everyone see it that way.
Lilly has practice today and a game tomorrow. I have a neck cramp today. I spent most of the night on the couch. I fell asleep there watching tv then again with Zach laying on me. I spent maybe an hour in my own bed.
Soon, I am going to ready to get a new phone. I was leaning toward an Android, but now I'm thinking about an iphone. Any suggestions? Which do you have? What are some pros and cons of your phone? Would I be able to post on my blogs from these phones with pictures? I really need to know. Someone please let me know.

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