Friday, April 6, 2012

Nothing new

Our realtor called early yesterday to tell me that the sellers came down to $144,500. Hubby said he didn't want to go over $135, we declined their offer. They can either take our last bid or we don't get the house. I don't look for them to take it.
Lilly has practice late today... 6:45. She might have practice tomorrow, but she's going to miss it. Her father is getting her tomorrow. I say might because they are scheduled for a field that is closed on Saturdays. So.. the coach might try to get the other field. They have their first scrimmage  on Tuesday. They certainly aren't ready. The coach isn't ready. It kinda makes me want to coach a team.
Nothing else really going on right now. I'm tired so I can't think of much. Zach was up 3 times last night then got up at 5:00 in a good mood. He kept laughing. I felt like he was laughing at me cuz he was keeping me awake.
We celebrate Easter tomorrow before hubby heads off to work. Lilly got another Nerf dart gun and a Justin Bieber CD. Zach got a small stuffed Pluto and a big Mickey that sings. And of course they both got candy. Zach had his first egg hunt yesterday. One of the teachers sent me a text saying he was having a blast. He had a grocery store plastic bag completely full of plastic eggs. He made out like a bandit.
I sent some of Lilly's birthday candy to the Y today cuz they need candy for their egg hunt today. I hope she has fun. We haven't had the chance to go to an egg hunt this year. Last year we went to the elementary school for one. This year they had it at the middle school, but it was the Saturday that we were wanting to take the kid fishing but ended up napping all day instead. Yeah, big laziness on our part. I didn't really know what we were doing that day though. Hubby just kept saying that he didn't know.
Oh, I figured out how to lend books out on my Kindle. I lent my best friend my Hunger Games books. But.. by the time she reads them and gets back into WV, the movie will be out of theater. I was thinking about going today by myself to see it during lunch or I'd leave work early. Its over 2 hours long.

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