Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Play Ball!!

I'm driving hubby's uncles car today. Its weird. After driving my Blazer for almost a year, I'm driving a car that rides low to the ground. I feel like my butt is dragging the road. I let him take my car to get inspected so I can be legal again. I get my car back later today.
Lilly's first official softball game was yesterday. She did great. She was the first one to score on her team, she was running fast and getting that ball.....but in the last inning, she struck out for the very first time. She never even struck out during practice. She came to me crying. I told her its not going to be the last time and everyone strikes out. I ended up calming her down and getting her laughing before I sent her back to the dug-out. Which just happens to be my awesome thing of the day **Striking out** because everyone's gotta learn that its ok not to be the best as long as you try your best. Here's a pic of Lilly on third base. I can't get a pic of her anywhere else since the zoom on my phone sucks.

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