Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm back again

I finally have a smart phone and because of that I can post to both my blogs now. Woohoo for the blogger app!
So yesterday Zach became quite attached to a blanket. So much that he took it to day care with him. Anytime I tried to take it away, he cried. Today though, he seems to have forgotten about it. I will have a pic At the end.
Lilly had a game Saturday but we got rained out after 2 innings. Then she wanted to spend the night with hubby's mom, so we let her.
I'm sick again. I've been coughing like crazy and am losing my voice. Didn't I just go through this a few weeks ago?
My awesome thing for today is **apps** because without them I couldn't update my blogs and keep spreading the happy on my smile blog.

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