Tuesday, April 3, 2012


So... we are going to go make an offer on a house today. I'm excited. Its a nice house in a nice neighborhood. Hubby's starting to second guess himself. He keeps saying its not what he wants, but it'll do for now. I'm sorry, but I don't really have any plans on moving after we get a house. I want to be able to raise my kids in one stable home. I'm not going to keep moving them around. My parents did that to me and I hated it. We went from nice houses to rickety old shacks to trailers to tiny houses and then all over again. My favorite house, we moved in when I was 11. Huge yard. I  mean huge. You could put problaby another 3 or 4 good sized houses in this yard. No close neighbors, surrounded by nature. We lived there until Mom and my first step dad divorced. Ok, well... a little after. He was required by the court to pay the house payments until mom got a job or whatever, but he didn't and we got evicted. I still think about that house. My second favorite house we lived in when I was 7. It was the only 2 story house I lived in. It had a big bay window in the dinning room and a wrap around porch. Hated the neighborhood and the school though. My least favorite house is the last one I lived in when I lived with mom. No running water. Didn't have electicity for the first few years. 2 bedrooms with 6 people. No insulation. No air condition and the only heat source we had was wood burning stove. I hated that house. It was a mile and a half straight up a hill on a dirt road. I did learn a lot there. I learned how to bail water, how to dig a ditch and a bunch of stuff like that.

Anyway......... I was having a pretty good day yesterday. I worked like crazy and got a lot done at work. **Being super productive** is my awesome thing from yesterday. It could be being productive at work, at school or even doing something at home. I feel really great about myself when I'm being productive.
I picked Lilly up at grandma's, Zach up at the Y and then headed home to get ready to leave for Lilly's practice. I swear I read that schedule several times and it said 5:30 at a certain field. It was the field that was furthest from our apartment. We rushed. We got there just in time only to not see the coach or any of the kids. I call the coach and turns out practice was at the field 30 seconds from my apartment. That kind of made me upset. I made Lilly late. Luckily she only missed warm-up. She got out there and kicked butt. Then the coach went up to this one lady and said, "I'm going to play your girl on first base most of the time. Whenever I play my own kid on pitchers mound, yours will be one first. They have a connection. Yours catches every throw mine gives her." Made me so mad. I've been watching those 2 kids most of the practce and they don't work well together at all. Hardly any catches were made and little effort was put into it. Lilly and this one other girl were the ones out there running hard, catching just about every throw that was given to them and they threw the ball with the most accuracy. So mad. I know that lady the coach talked to is a close friend of hers. Made me even more mad. Lilly's been dying to play first base and she is really good at it. I know I may be a bit biased, but she really is better than the other girl. Lilly even got mad during practice. She said that the coach's daughter kept telling her what to do....and it certainly wasn't what the coach was telling her to do. I saw the little girl telling Lilly what to do and I wanted to yell and tell Lilly not to listen to her, but my voice wouldn't have made it that far. There were a few girls in the in-field. The coach was rolling grounders to the girls and then they threw the ball to first. That was it. It was a simple play. The coach's daughter started telling Lilly that she had to go to second before she could throw it to first. It certainly wasn't what the coach told them to do. Coach kept looking at Lilly like she didn't know why she was going to second just to throw the ball, but she never said anything. I could see that Lilly kept getting more and more upset each time.
Enough venting... time to get to work. Wish me luck on the house!

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