Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Tomorrow we have an appointment to go look at a house. I'm excited about it, as I always am when we get to look at one. Its got a decent sized level yard, one car garage.... one of the problems, though is that its really old... REALLY OLD. I'm talking like 150 years old. It might not be insulated, it might not have a proper foundation, but of course, all of that could have been fixed over time. I contacted the realtor that we like and she's going with us and she's going to keep her eye on that other house that we wanted and let us know if the offer falls through.
Feeling better today, by the way. Throat is still a bit sore and I still feel like I was hit by a bus, but its better today than it has been. My neck is killing me though. I slept on it funny a week ago and its still bothering me. I got hubby to rub my neck last night and I swear it just made it worse.
Zach's second tooth came in yesterday! We now have 2 bottom front teeth. It looks like the top front are trying to come in. His gums are swollen, but there's no visible sign of any coming in.
Hubby informed me last night that his friend in Florida is sick. Now, he told me forever ago that she might get sick since it runs in the family. Its some kind of heart disease, but he doesn't know exactly what. The doctors gave her only 6 months to live. This disease took both her father and her brother. She's trying to get up enough money to come in to WV where her mom lives. She wants to see hubby and all of us. She hasn't seen Zach yet. I haven't met her yet. If she comes in, I guess we are all going out to dinner.

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