Friday, March 30, 2012


I have officially lost my voice. I'm full of whispers and strained coughs today. Its so frustrating to not be able to talk. Do you know how difficult it is to get 2 kids ready in the morning when they can't hear you whisper at them? Zach was running around all crazy, throwing stuff in the floor and yelling. I don't know what his deal was this morning. It was like he was saying, "I can't hear you tell me NO, so it must be ok to do this." Needless to say, it was a crazy, hair-pulling, arms waving, finger-snapping morning. No, I wasn't dancing...waving my arms and snapping my fingers....that's the only way I can get them to look at me so I can shake my head at them.
My awesome thing actually comes from today, even though it hasn't happened yet. **Fundraisers** I'm having a 31 representative come to work today so we can buy her stuff. 20% of her sales will go toward our Relay goal. I've already got some orders from some of my clients. I hope the party goes well today. I handed out fliers to almost every floor in this 12 story building. I posted a filer in the main break room and at the hidden elevator. Last year we sold a little over $300 worth of 31 merchandise and I got $75 toward my Relay goal. I'm hoping to do more this year. I'm buying more from her this year. I'm getting Lilly an umbrella with butterflies on it and am going to have her name put on it. I'm getting both of us nail files and I'm getting a new purse. I'm hoping to get another 31 representative to come to the Relay even in June and set up her stuff in our booth/tent and sell there. If I do get her to come, there's stuff I'm going to buy from her. There's a cute coin purse that you can put kids on. I'd get that for grandma and then there's a drawstring bag that I want for my gym clothes. I said yesterday that I'd put the link on here so you guys can take a look at it, but our party isn't on her site yet. I'll ask her about it today when I see her. I was going to talk to her yesterday, but with hubby's mom's birthday and all...I kinda forgot.
Yeah, we went to the in-laws yesterday, grilled some hot dogs and burgers and had cake. The kids played baseball and then shot each other with their Nerf dart guns. There was another house up for sale yesterday and we went to take a look at it. I fell in love with it when I first saw it online. It was perfect. Big family room, big open space, nice deck in the back...but then we drove by it. It was straight up a hill. The driveway was about a block long and we had to almost look straight up when we were below it. Steep hill. That's all the yard was. One big steep hill in the front and more hill in the back. So... we're crossing that one off our list.
Hubby was talking about taking Lilly fishing at the 'farm' tomorrow. If he is, I don't think I'm going to go. My allergies are already bad and they only get worse when I got down there. Me and Zach can stay home and whisper at each other. Hmm...on second thought, maybe I should go. How else am I going to make sure Zach doens't get into too much trouble? Sunday I'm taking the kids to visit my family. I bought some stuff for us to make my mom and step dad Easter baskets. I did my step dads so Lilly could see how it was done. She did my mom's and it turned out way better. Then, we wrapped them up like gift baskets.
Lilly's going to spend the night with mee maw Sunday night and I'll get her Monday after work. Spring break is next week. Easter is just a week away and we still don't have anything to put in their baskets. Its hard to find time to go shopping for them when they are there.
Be sure to check out my flickr site to see some new pictures of my kids.
Ok, its time to make some hot tea. I don't really like tea, but I am in need of relief for my throat.

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