Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Can't believe it

Casey Anthony was acquitted of all murder charges against her 2 year old daughter. I can't believe it. The only things she is charged with is making false statements to the police. THAT alone should tell you she did it. Her kid was 'missing' for 31 days and she kept telling her mother that she was out playing. She never called the police to say she was missing. I freak out if I can't find Lilly after 5 minutes of playing hide-and-seek. How can a mother not report her child missing if she's been gone for 31 days? This entire situation angers and saddens me. Casey didn't even take the stand to tell her side of the story or even try to defend herself. What does THAT say? And seriously, why else would someone google chloroform so many times in a day.... or even at all? I just can't believe it.
I've even known people who have had their kids taken away from them and they don't even try to get them back. I don't understand. I love my children. Its so hard for me to not see Lilly when she goes to her father's for a few days, how could a parent go without seeing their kids at all....or even worse... hurt them because they don't want them around. (or hurt them regardless of any kind of situation) Children are so fragile and precious and yet there are all these people out there that neglect and abuse these poor helpless kids.
Ok...I'm not talking about that anymore. It will just make me angrier.
Zach is almost ready to start crawling. He gets up on his hands and knees and he'll move his legs like he's going to crawl, but his hands won't move and he takes a face-dive into the floor. He will get the hang of it soon. He can also sit up by himself for just a bit before falling over. Last night he was even holding his own bottle. My little man is growing up. (sniffle)
Lilly goes to her father's tomorrow. I'm not happy about it, but then again, I never am. She doesn't have fun there, he won't do anything with her. Sometimes all she wants is someone to play a board game with her. We played Battleship last night and then she read me Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss and she even helped me make dinner, too. She's growing up too. Sometimes I feel bad because its hard to keep up with both kids. Zach needs to eat, but Lilly wants to play. She still has her jealousy moments. She doesn't understand why I give Zach so much attention. I try to explain it, but it doesn't help. It was me and her for so long, and I just sprang a baby on her. I know its hard for her to adjust to. We use to do everything together and I still try to do a lot of stuff with her, but its different and sometimes she doesn't like it. I use to tell my mom that it feels like she's just my little sister and we're hanging out. We did do everything together. I took her everywhere and we played all day. We still do, but its just having that extra person there taking some of my attention off of her is what is bothering her. I'm hoping soon she'll learn that its just the way things have to be for now.
Friday the YMCA is taking her to see some caves. Not these little rinky dinky caves, no these caves are wonderful. I went to see them when I was about her age, maybe a little younger and I can still remember the trip. I'm just a little sad that I won't be there with her to share the experience. Here's a few pics of them I found.

I hope she'll have fun. I'll have to call her at her father's to see how she liked the trip. Oh, and my awesome thing for today is **field trips** Lilly's going so many places this summer. To caves, to make her own pottery, to pools, to movies, a petting zoo, bowling, skating, and school has taken her to museums and the air port. I'm sure she'll have a blast.

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