Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No sleep and really hot!

Why is it that I always get the most comfortable in bed when its almost time for me to get up?? I don't know what it is, but the sheets seem to be a bit softer lately, too. I was up and down all night with Zach and I never got completely comfortable until I went back to bed to get 10 more minutes in before my alarm went off. I felt like I was floating on a cloud in a cool dark cave... with hubby coughing in the background.
Dropped little man off at day care and then I had to drive past my work to take Lilly to grandma's. It tacked on an extra 20 minutes to my morning, but it led to my awesome thing for the day. **Watching airplanes take off from the airport** I've never been on a plane...I've never even been to an airport. The closest I came is when a certain rental car company picked me up and then, to save time, picked someone up at the airport too. I drove past it, but didn't get to see much. Lilly's been to the airport for field trips. Anyway...I was driving in the interstate, and I never do that unless I'm in a hurry. The airport here is just up the hill from the road I was on. While I was driving I got to see 2 airplanes take off. Now, these aren't the first ones I've seen take off and/or land, but today...it just seemed worth mentioning.
Hubby took off as soon as I got home with the kids yesterday to go to the hospital to visit his grandpa. He wasn't doing too well yesterday; his blood pressure was dropping dramatically. Hubby got home around 9:30 and he desperately needed some kid time. Both kids were asleep... until he came through the door. It was like Zach knew that Daddy wanted to see him. He woke up and they had some cuddle time while I took a shower. Hubby didn't talk about his grandpa until we were laying in bed. This is the only grandparent he has left, this is the one he wanted to name the baby after, and he lost his grandma just 2 years ago. Hubby's grandpa is 88 years old. I realized last night why hubby likes his job so much. His grandpa use to work at the same place. I should have known. That's almost all they would talk about. I'm still not 100% sure what the place does. I think its a chemical plant. Grandpa was a crane operator, hubby is a laborer, but has talked about trying to get a crane operator position.
Having a bad hair day today. I didn't really take much time with it and now its everywhere. Of course the humidity doesn't help much. Its been so hot! If I heard right, we reached 100 degrees yesterday. It was 98 when I left work at noon to find an ATM for my child support card. Poor hubby has to work outside in this heat. I remind him everyday to drink lots of water and seek shade whenever possible. Kinda super glad Lilly is at grandma's this week. I know grandma will make sure she has sunscreen on and drinks lots of water. I also know that she won't let her outside too long if its too hot or horribly sunny.

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