Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lilly's a Big Sis again

Sleep was just not happening last night. Zach only woke up once, which is a miracle these days, but I just couldn't sleep. I kept having nightmares and couldn't get comfortable. I'm doubling up on my caffeine intake today.
Lilly's is now a big sister to another little boy. Her new little brother was born at 2:17 yesterday afternoon. I haven't heard much about the situation other than mom was bleeding a little too much and it hadn't stopped by 5:30 yesterday evening. That was the last time I talked to him. I told him I hope everything turns out ok, and congrats on the baby. I was putting together a few little things for the baby that I know I'll never use...like a travel pack of baby soap, I got 3 of those at my baby shower and have barely used one.
Not much really happened yesterday...... It was kind of a slow day for me. Yesterday was sort of my lazy day. I was so tired and just didn't really feel well. I did watch X-Men The Last Stand last night. Good movie. Finally did watch The Hurt Locker Sunday night. LOVED that movie.
Here's a few pics of Zach. Yes, that's my foot he's holding. He sat there like that for nearly half an hour.


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