Friday, July 22, 2011

Yesterday Felt Like Friday

Left work at 12:30, got stuck in traffic. Made it to Walmart and was in and out in no time. Headed home to pack diaper bag, got stuck in traffic. Got home, did what I needed to do, left to go pick up Zach from day care. I told them in the morning that I would be picking him up early and to have him ready. I got there and they said that it was time for a bottle. So, I sat there and fed him. Left there to go to see my brothers, got stuck in traffic. Finally made it there and Zach was asleep. Whew!
I cooked for Chris and Tony and all was well. Everything seemed the same to me. Chris acted like... Chris. They did talk a little about current problems, but nothing much and nothing I hadn't already heard. They really did appreciate getting something to eat other than pizza. They really need to learn how to cook. My step mom has been staying at her son's house just up the hill to take care of the baby and to fully support, cook for, pay for everything up there instead of where she actually lives. Anyway.... my brothers are planning on getting their own apartment soon. Chris is going to be paying rent, he'll be going back to work soon. Tony pays internet and electric and I told them I'll help them out with satellite so they can have tv. I told them that I'll come and cook for them every once in a while and I'm going to try to make it back down there to cook before Chris heads back to work.. since he'll be on the road. Might be taking Tony tomorrow to take the test for his learners and then maybe taking him to the mall to get new shoes. Gonna try to convince Chris to go with us to get him out of the house. Him and Tony did go to the store to get some Coke and aluminum foil. Chris is getting better at getting out of the house, from what I can tell.
That's about it... Lilly's staying with her father for a week, I won't get her back until next Monday. This Monday is when him and his girlfriend are having the baby. They've got it all planned out and she's getting induced.
Zach played with the cats while we were visiting my brothers. Hubby's allergic to cats so we had to change as soon as we got home. I then went ahead and made lasagna for us at home. Good stuff.

So, no one really talked about exactly what is wrong with Chris. I know he's severely depressed and trying to get help, but my dad and step mom have just been making things worse. That's about all I know. I didn't want to press any issues or anything. He acted just like he always did when I'm around. I told mom that I don't know if he was being 'normal' just because I was there, or if having me there was a nice change of pace and it livened him up... I don't know.
**I love going to visit my brothers and I love that I get to cook for them and give them a good pick me up. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I love that I know I can do something to make their day, and I love that I can do something to help, even if its something as small as cooking and lending an ear.**

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