Friday, August 26, 2011


My meeting yesterday lasted 3 hours, but it wasn't too boring. The guy doing the meeting was really funny and kept everyone's attention by addressing them directly. He's good. I got out of here a little late, though. I usually leave work between 4:30 and 4:50, but I left yesterday at 5:10 and the traffic was horrible. What usually takes me 20 minutes to get home, took me an hour. There were no auto accidents or anything, it was just so congested.
I get to leave early today to hang out with my bff. The plan was to go to my house so I can help her put her wedding favors together and stuff like that, but I had no chance to clean at all yesterday. The house is a mess. I told her yesterday that it is a mess mostly because we have so much stuff now and nowhere to put it. She surprised me yesterday and called to hang out during my lunch hour. We didn't do anything. We just sat in her car and talked in a parking lot. It was raining and neither one of us wanted to get out in it. It was a nice catching up time. Even though I do talk to her almost everyday on the phone, it was still nice. She showed me some wedding stuff and some pictures and such.
Me and hubby took the kids to go look at some houses, too, yesterday. We didn't go was more of a "drive by and see if we like the outside of it enough to look inside." We liked both of them. One we have an appointment today to look at around 5. It looked nice. The roof is flat, its on a flat lot, the road to get to it is flat. Its big and the yard is a good size, but parking is not going to work. There is no garage, but that can be easily fixed since there is a carport, but there is a narrow driveway. We'd have to park one behind the other, which means if one of us wanted to leave and was blocked in, we'd have to move the cars around. Seems like a bit of a hassle and I know it would get old quick. Hopefully we can find a way to fix that little problem if we like the inside.
The other house hubby's dad told us about. It was nice. It was up on a hill away from other houses and it had a small flat yard and the rest was a hill and a bunch of trees. I really liked the way it looked on the outside, so I called the lady on the sign and she was giving me details. Now...I was wondering why I hadn't seen this house on the internet and how his dad knew about it before me. I'm looking everyday for houses. Well...this house is $30,000 above our budget! I really don't think its worth that much.
Hopefully soon we will find something. I'm really hoping that the house we are going to look at is exactly what we want. Its a far reach, but I can wish.

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