Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Important Decision

So, I have come to the decision.... now, this is a very important and life changing decision... that I would like to have one more child. I have yet to tell hubby about my revelation. I was going to let this decision be up to him seeing as how he is the older one. I told him a few weeks ago, that it was all up to him, that I'll be happy either way, and I'll still be happy either way, but I would like to have one more.
Now, of course, we will wait until we have a house and are settled in. I can't imagine trying to squeeze another body in our apartment. I've been looking online at houses again, as I do everyday, but I have a different outlook on them now. Yes, we've needed to move for a long time now, but I'm more driven by this new discovery.
I love and adore my children. I would do anything for them. What better way to spread all of this love I have then to have another child? I am ready, although certain circumstances prevents us from being completely ready, whenever the right time arouses, I'll be ready. House come first this time. I just hope I can get hubby on board with this. I don't know when will be a good time to discuss this. I already know what he'll say and its things I already know. That we need a house and stuff like that. I know. And more importantly, I know I want to bring another life into this world.
I'm great at being a mother. Yes, it wears me out and is frustrating at times, but its mostly rewarding and so wonderful.
Zach's **first tooth** popped through yesterday!! Its on the bottom...one of the front ones. He was giving me kisses and then decided to chew on my chin like he always does, but this time I felt something. I popped his mouth open and there it was.
Tonight at Lilly's school, they are having an open house, but it starts at 5. I understand not wanting to have it so late, but a lot of people don't get off work until 5. I'm going to try to make it, but I have training today and I don't just want to walk out of that. If it runs too late, I will. I want to go. They are also doing a book swap and I know that'll be something Lilly will enjoy.
A theater group here in the community is putting together a Wizard of Oz play. Its been showing for almost a week now and will continue for another week or so. I'm going to try to take Lilly this Sunday. That's both of our favorite movie. I'm sure she will like it. We've been in need of some girl time anyway.

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