Wednesday, August 3, 2011

No Title Today

Hubby's grandpa was sent home from the hospital. There is nothing they can do for him any longer. He can't eat or drink anything, its all going to his lungs, even with a feeding tube. We were all going to visit him yesterday, but they didn't get him moved until real late. Lilly was already asleep and Zach was fighting sleep. Hubby went with his sister. We are all going to go today to see him. Grandpa told hubby's niece yesterday that- now that he's home, he can finally just close his eyes and be happy now. I hope he gets to see Zach before he closes his eyes. Zach is his little man. He proudly shows pictures of Zach to anyone who is around and talks about him forever. Hubby was feeling understandably depressed yesterday and I told him- at least he's home now. That seemed to make him feel a little better. The hospital wasn't doing much help. The nursing home the hospital sent him to was treating him badly, letting him fall out of bed and not changing him and so many more things. He's home now.
On a different note....... I went shopping yesterday for glasses since mine are still broken. I came up empty handed. I want a pair of frames that I can just pop my lenses into, but apparenly my lenses are small and are a shape that no one makes anymore. Its oval!!! Every other pair I've seen are~ a) Oval, but bigger. b) Square. c) rectangle. d) round. e) just bigger. I don't even have the option of getting my lenses cut down to fit, everything else is bigger. I even looked at kids glasses and they were just a smidgin bigger.
Friday is a family picnic and the **kids talent show** at the Y. Lilly said that she doesn't want to do it, she just wants to watch. I'll be there to watch as well. It would be nice if she would get up there and do something, but its whatever she wants to do. Next week is a flashback week. She gets to dress up as if she were from the 50's on Monday, all the way to the 90's on Friday. I think I have everything picked out for her to wear. I just have to find a shirt for the 80's and get her some earrings. Oh, no I don't. I don't think I have anything for 90's day. Anyone have any suggestions?

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