Monday, August 1, 2011

Can't See

Friday.... I had to go to the courthouse to get my marriage licence so I could get the registration on my car changed to my married name. I know, I know...I should have done that a long time ago, but I'm lazy. Hubby was trying to get things changed over from my old car to my 'new' car so he met me at the DMV. We got there at 4:30 and wasn't called up to a window for a bit over an hour. I needed to leave to go pick Zach up. We went to the window, I presented my marriage licence, and I left hubby to deal with the rest. I called day care to ask when they start charging late fees and how much it was because I knew I was going to be late. The front desk lady said, "How late are you going to be?" I told her maybe 10 or 15 minutes. Then she said, "Don't get on the interstate... ok...bye." And she hung up on me!! I got stuck in traffic, one of the main roads was blocked for some kind of event... oh, and did I mention that I broke my glasses while sitting at the DMV? Well..I did. I touched them to push them up on my face and I hear a "CLICK." I take them off and the freaking arm falls off. Great. Just Great. So, now I'm driving half blind. Ok, well, my eyesight isn't THAT bad. I finally get to the day care and I apologize to the teacher that stayed late.
Later that evening we head out to Walmart since they have an eye center there or whatever. I look around for some glasses that I might be able to just pop my lenses in or at least have the doctor cut my lenses down a bit to fit. All the frames were bigger than mine! I finally just asked if he could fix my glasses, maybe put new arms on them. He says, "Did you get the frames here?" I told no and his response??.... "Well you could super glue the arm back on." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY?!!
Saturday we had to get up early to go to a wedding. It was ok. It was really hot though. One of the bridesmaids had a seizure before the wedding too. She's doing ok now. Her husband took her to the hospital and they kept her overnight. It happened before she even left the house. The wedding was 'fire' themed. The bridesmaids wore red dresses, there was a burning building for a cake, stuff like that. Me and Zach left shortly after they cut the cake. He was sweating like crazy and I felt so bad for him. Hubby stayed for a bit longer. He comes home........ and goes to sleep on the couch. Around 8:00 him and Zach are both asleep, so I head out to look at some reading glasses that I might be able to put my lenses in. No luck. I did end up buying a pair of reading glasses that work for when I'm on the computer and watching tv, but they don't help me to see while driving.
Sunday was just a really slow day. I cleaned everything out of my old car and put some of my stuff in the new car. We watched tv and played with Zach. Then we watched some more tv and played some more. Then I cooked. Then we watched some more tv. Then we popped popcorn and watched Inception. Then we went to bed.
Hubby's grandpa isn't doing well at all. He can't eat or drink anything. Somehow, everything that goes in his mouth ends up in his lungs. The hospital gave up on him and sent him home with a hospice. We are going to visit him today after work.
Lilly comes home today too. It feels like forever since I've seen her. She doesn't know I got another car, yet. We'll see how she likes it. I have so many things to talk about with her. Her trip to the caves, the new baby, my new car, catching her up on things Zach does now...
Here's 2 pictures of Zach. One is him sitting in the passanger seat of my blazer at the wedding. We were hiding out in the **air conditioning** for a while. The other picture is him waking up from a 5 minute nap yesterday. Hubby took the pic. I think Zach looks kinda scared.  

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