Wednesday, August 10, 2011

School is Almost Here!

Its almost that time again. Time to send the youngens back to school. Time to pack lunches and make sure homework is done. I've been making Lilly slowly try on all the clothes that are a bit questionable. If I'm not 100% sure they fit, try it on. I've noticed that as she gets older her desire to try on clothes has gone down. I use to tell her that we were going a fashion show, but now she sees it as more of a chore than play. I don't blame her. I don't like trying on clothes either, at least not in great quantities. Looks like she gets her lack of enthusiasm for clothes/fashion from me. But oh, if Justin Bieber or iCarly is on something, that's when she gets excited.
Most of her clothes still do fit, but I'm not going to make her go into a new year of school in nothing but old clothes. I will buy her a couple of outfits and a few extra pair of jeans. She needs a new backpack and a new pack of crayons also. From what I hear from hubby's sister, they provide most of the supplies there at school. They provided everything in Kindergarten, and I half expected them to do the same in first grade. I will get a her a simple folder also, even if she doesn't use it at school, we can use it at home to put some artwork in or something. Awesome thing of the day? **going back to school shopping** I always loved doing back to school shopping. It was the only time I got new things when I was in school... not counting birthdays and Christmas of course.
I remember when I was still in school. About a week before school started I would try to retrain myself to get up early, that way it wouldn't be so hard by the time I actually had to do it. I don't have to do that with my kids. I get them up at 6:00 every morning to go to day care so I can go to work. Thankfully day care transports the kids to and from school. Both of my kids are early risers and always have been so its not much of a problem getting them up. Lilly is a little grouchy in the morning, but after we get passed brushing her hair, her mood changes...most of the time. Some days she's just whiney all day. Zach always wakes up with a smile on his face every morning. I wonder how long that will last.
I do hope to get a house before Christmas this year. Of course, now that we've been pre-approved for a loan, there is nothing out there that we like. Maybe we can find one right around Christmas and it could be everyone's big gift. I just think our 'needs' for a house are a little too much and we could rethink some things. We would love to have a decent size back yard-this is nonnegotiable. The kids need room to play outside without being in the middle of the street. Garage is a plus, but not a must have, although lately we've been turning down houses without garages. 3 bedroom or more is a must. I will not back down from that either. There's also a certain 'half' of our town that we need to live in to keep Lilly in the same school. The town is so big there are two elementary schools and they are only about 2 miles apart. We can live anywhere between the Y and the fire station in order for her to stay.
We went out to eat at last night with hubby's parents and there was clowns there doing free balloon art and face paintings. Lilly got dolphins on her face and a flower balloon. Even though she knew she had to wash it off when she got home, it made her day.

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