Monday, August 15, 2011


They Y was having a lock-in Friday night where the kids get to go spend the night and camp out. It was for only ages 8-12, but they opened it up for all school agers and I let Lilly go. She stayed up until 6 in the morning and then only took an hour nap. She wasn't as whiney as I thought she was going to be with no sleep. We went to visit my mom on Saturday and she was ok. Mom was amazed by Zach and how much he's grown since she's seen him last.
Sunday me and hubby went to go look at a house. It was huge. Almost 3,000 square feet and a good sized yard to go with it. The only problem is that the house needs a lot of work done. I wouldn't mind putting in some time and money to fix it up the way we want it. It'll be kinda like building our own house, but hubby thinks it'll take too much money to fix it up to even make it livable. So, I guess we're still looking then.
Allergies have kicked in full blast and I'm miserable. With no sleep, this constant numbing headache, and my nose running and being stuffy at the same time is not a fun day. I'm off on Friday and I'm very much looking forward to it. That's the day that school starts here. Why a Friday? I have no idea. They did that last year too.
Here's some pics I took of Zach yesterday. I kept trying to get pics of Lilly, but she kept covering her face up or moving fast so she'd be a blur.


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