Monday, August 22, 2011

Long weekend

First day of school went ok. I picked her up at the Y when I was dropping Zach off and then asked her what she wanted for breakfast. Out of all the things, she picks donuts from the gas station. We ate donuts and went to school with plenty of time left, so we hung out in the car and listened to music. Then, it was time... they unlocked the doors and we all herded in. Luckily, Lilly's class is right next to the front doors, so now I don't have to hobble down the long hallways with a crowd. Her teacher is tall. In fact, that was the first thing out of my mouth when I saw her. Me and Lilly were the first ones in the class and the teacher came and introduced herself and I, like an idiot, said, "Wow, you're tall!"
The desks are in lines of groups of 3. The desk to the left of Lilly is empty. Her little boyfriend was assigned to sit there, but he switched schools at the last minute. When Lilly learned this, she got teary eyed until another little boy came in. I slipped out the door then.
I went home and went to bed for a good 3 hours and I had to force myself to get up. I had cookies to make and a car to clean out and a shower to take. The day got away from me because before I knew it, it was time to go. I went and picked up Zach and then went to school to get Lilly. And again.... when the bell rang, we herded ourselves inside. I got Lilly and walked down the hall to her old classroom to visit hubby's mom. Zach got down and crawled a circle around the entire room. The kids that hadn't gotten on buses yet were very amused by him. I basically had to force Lilly to go so I could feed her before I had to take her to her father.
Lilly said she likes her teacher, which of course is a really good thing. I hope today goes well too. Her father just told me that he didn't put tennis shoes on her and today is a gym day. I'm going to be so mad if I have to leave work, just to get her some shoes.
Hubby went camping Friday night. I didn't want to go because its at the point where I just can't stand to be around his friends anymore... and hubby is starting to feel the same way.
Saturday was the firefighter picnic and it was ok. Zach kept me company and the food was free. Hubby talked me into signing up for a cornhole tournament. We won the first round, but lost the second. It was both of our's first time playing.
It was hot. Poor Zach was sweating. I kept taking him in front of the misting fan, and he loved it. I left with Zach around 7.
Sunday was a lazy day. I did laundry and dishes and laid around.


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