Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What? Its NOT Christmas??

I'm at that point in the year where I start to become obsessed with Christmas. I try to plan out everything I'm going to buy and I even go as far as to make spreadsheets. I don't want to forget anyone and I don't want to overspend. I try to buy a little here and there, but the big shopping happens on Black Friday. I think that needs to be a national holiday. I'm not sure if I'm going to have any money to go Black Friday shopping this year or not, and even if I do, I'm not sure if I have someone to watch the kids.
I have planned out what almost everyone is going to get and I even have some stuff in carts online. One of my favorite places to Christmas shop is http://www.abcdistributing.com/ They have so much stuff and its cheap. I bought almost everything from them last year. I have shirts for my brothers in my cart at http://www.cafepress.com/ Mostly lolcatz stuff and an Angry Bird shirt. **Online shopping** is my awesome thing of the day. Its still not as fun as actual shopping, but you don't have to deal with crowds or weather or mean cashiers.
I'm trying to start saving up money, but its not going as well as I had hoped. I'm still awaiting my raise that I was promised.
Yesterday Lilly's school was suppose to have popsicles on the playground for K-1 so they can meet their teachers and whatnot. I even left early so I could make sure we got there in time. It stormed. I tried to get a hold of my mother in law to ask if they are going to move it inside, but then Lilly's nose just started pouring the blood. She woke up at 3 am that morning with a nose bleed that ended up all over her sheets and now she had another one. We got that one under control, but by that time the storm had really kicked up and I decided that even if they did move it inside, I wasn't taking the kids out in that stuff. Lilly didn't know about it, I was going to surprise her, so there was no disappointment from her when we didn't go. 
The countdown for the first day of school is on!! 3 days! I texted Lilly's father yesterday to see if I can get Lilly from him in the morning so I can take her to school and then meet him somewhere after so I can pick her up. I want this to be an every year thing. I want to be able to take her to her first day of school and pick her up. I want to do this with both kids... but he is making it very difficult. My original plan was to just meet him at the Y since he was going to go there anyway if I wasn't getting her and then take her back home to eat breakfast, then take her to school. He told me last night if I want to take her, I have to meet him at his work, which is 20 miles away. I'm half tempted to tell him nevermind and then go get her at the Y after he drops her off. If I have to go that far, there's no time to go home and eat breakfast. I want her to eat breakfast with me so we have time to find her classroom and meet her teacher and everything. Last year she ran out of time for breakfast. I guess I'm going to take her to McDonalds or something for breakfast since there's one right there beside where he works. Why does he have to be like this? Why does he always have to make things difficult?
So, today is the 34 anniversary(?) of Elvis Presley's death. Hubby was 2 months old. I wasn't even though of yet. My mom was 15. They are talking about it on the radio. The DJ is asking listeners if they remember where they were when they heard the news. He said people remember things like that, where they were when big events happened...like 9/11. I remember. I was in English class working on my daily journal when another English teacher came running in our room yelling that the WTC was hit. The entire school spent the rest of the day watching the news. Do you remember where you were? Or can you think of another big event or big news and remember where you were?

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