Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Just 5 More Minutes Mom.....

I'm so extremely exhausted today. It feels like someone hung bricks from my eyes and then ran me over with a bus. I'm seriously thinking about leaving work early just so I can run home and catch maybe an hour of sleep. We'll see what the day brings.
To be honest, I'm not loving my "new" car. Its not that its big or anything, its just a bunch of little things. I don't like that I didn't really get to pick it out, that it was just sorta decided for me that I was getting this car, but I can't complain... it was free. Then there's the little nit picky things~ it doesn't have leather seats, its very difficult to get Zach and his car seat in and out, its such a gas guzzler... just little things like that. Things that just annoy me mostly. Except the gas... that's horrible.
Today is 60's day at the Y today. Lilly is wearing a long black shirt with different colored little peace signs all over it. She's wearing a long peace sign necklace and a tye dye peace sign bracelet and I put a braid in the front of her hair. She didn't want to wear a headband, but they are taking the kids swimming today. Yesterday, Lilly was the only one dressed up in 50's clothes. I made sure she had a change of clothes with her, too. She got stung by a yellow jacket yesterday while at they Y. Right on the back of her left leg, kinda close to the bend of the leg. I thought it was her first bee sting, so I didn't know if she was allergic or not, but apparently she's been stung before while at her father's.
I don't really have much to say today. I'm just so tired, I can't think. I might post again later today after I have some coffee.
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