Monday, September 13, 2010

Busy weekend

Small bit of good news. Hubby asked the neighbors of the house we want and they said that it is indeed still for sale. Its just not posted on the websites anymore, at this moment.

My doc appointment went ok. I only gained a pound, blood pressure is good, baby's heartbeat is great and when they did the ultrasound a couple weeks ago, he weighed 9 ounces. 9 ounces at 18 weeks and a few days. The doc said that he weighed a day more than he should........ well........ maybe that's how old he really is. You could have the days wrong. It happens. Of course he could just be big. She said that they found a shadow on his heart, but its nothing to freak out about. I'm scheduled for another ultrasound and if its still there, then we can freak out. She also told me the placenta is lower than it should be and I'm scheduled to get that checked out in a couple weeks too. If it doesn't move up within that time, we freak out. I don't really know what it means now, but she told me not to worry unless we have to, so I'm not. I did ask her about my feet swelling up so much already and she told me to just drink more water and prop my feet up more often.

Family reunion with hubby's family was ok. Food wasn't too good and the older ladies wore too much perfume, but everything was ok. It was raining and I went outside often to cool off since it was so hot in there. When we went to leave I saw my hair. I don't care if/when my hair gets horrible, I just like to know about it.

Went shopping Sunday for some maternity clothes. Went to 2 Walmarts, a Peebles, the mall, 3 K-Marts and finally found some. The mall was too expensive, Wal mart doesn't have any, Peebles doesn't have any, the first 2 K-Marts didn't either. Finally at the last one I found 4 racks. I got 2 pair of work pants, a pair of jeans and one shirt........... for $90!!!!!! I didn't expect it to be that much at a K-Mart. I needed the clothes. I'm just sad that I spent that much for clothes I'm only going to be able to wear for a couple of months.

Right before we were to get Lilly back from her father, hubby tells me my car is junk. Well, I already knew that. I have a 2001 Oldsmobile Alero. I bought it January 2006, replaced the engine back in late 2007, a million things have been replaced......... and now he tells me that I'm going to need a new engine again. The last one cost me $2,000, I can't afford one now. I had money saved up back then, but now its all gone. Its gone to fixing my car, paying off debt, getting old medical bills under control, and 3 years of Christmas presents. I told him we might as well just get me another car but then he pointed out that if we get another car that means another loan.... and that means less of a chance we'll get the loan for the house when the time comes. Him and his dad are going to try to rebuild the part that we're having trouble with. Try to get it to withstand at least a couple more months. But then I started thinking........ if we do get a house (well, even if we don't, we are still going to have to move to a bigger place with more rent), and I get another car, I don't think we can swing that either. Depends on how big of a payment I get for the car. In March we will have 2 kids in day care. I don't know if they give a good discount for multiple kids or not. I still need to check on that.

I get Lilly back and she has this humongous splinter in the palm of her left hand. Her father tells me that its not a splinter cuz they tried to get it out and saw nothing, they think its just a cut or a blister. No, no it wasn't. That thing they thought was a blister, was where it was infected. So, 30 minutes of screaming and crying from me and her both, we finally got it out. I tried and then we stopped for a bit. Hubby tried and then we stopped for a bit. It wasn't budging. He calls his mom to come out and help. She must have used magic or something cuz 2 minutes into it, she gets it out.

Busy weekend. Back to work, then off to anther busy weekend. At least I get to keep Lilly this weekend. We're going "camping."

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