Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weekend recap

It is my Monday. I've had the last two days was nice. Monday I woke up, helped hubby find his keys, got Lilly ready, made her lunch to take with her, walked her to school, walked back home, walked back down the road to the dollar store to pick up just a few things (since I had to carry it all back I didn't want to get a lot), finished cleaning the house, watched a bit of tv, made the beds, walked out to the bus stop, got Lilly, cooked, helped her with her homework, played, went for another walk and my day was finally over. Tuesday, woke up, got Lilly ready, made her lunch to take with her, walked her to school, walked to the grocery store to get some apples, walked back home, watched some tv, took a nap, got Lilly at the bus stop, cooked and helped Lilly with her homework, played a little bit, took Lilly out to visit one of her friends (they picked us up), and my day was over. Then, last night hubby tells me that I can either go to work or stay home. My car is almost fixed and they need me to drive it around a little. Give me a choice to either stay home or go to work? I didn't really want to come to work, but I did. I didn't want to use up all of my vacation time right now. Lilly was very disappointed this morning when I told her she was going to the Y. She liked walking to school and taking the big bus home.
Camping was ok. The cookout was fine. Hubby had to work on Saturday, so he didn't show up 'til 6. Me and Lilly rode down with his mom that morning. We ate, we fished twice. Lilly caught a fish and a half. She caught one and we set it free. When the other one got a hold of the bait, her fishing pole wouldn't reel and we lost the fish. Its time to get her a new fishing pole. That one was cheap, it was her first one, and we've had it for like 4 years or so. On our way back to the camp after our second fishing trip, hubby showed up. He ate, took Lilly on a 4-wheeler ride and set up the tent. We have a big tent for me and him and this little one that attaches to the side of ours through a little tunnel and that's where Lilly sleeps. She loves sleeping in a tent and she did really good. Hubby was basically there long enough to eat, talk a bit with family, set up the tent, shower and sleep.
Sunday, we woke up and went into the house thinking everyone else was awake, but they weren't. Hubby curled up in one of the spare beds and goes to sleep. I make Lilly breakfast and everyone but hubby wakes up. After she ate, we went to the tent and took a few things down and packed a little, but we left all the big stuff for hubby. Then, we went on a walk to the bottom of the hill to look at the horses the neighbor has. We were almost at the barn and the lady was out there and asked us if we wanted to come in to see the animals. She had 9 horses and 12 goats. Lilly grew up around goats, so she wasn't bothered at all by them and had no problem petting them. I think the horses intimidated her a little. She did pet 3 of the horses. The lady also had a black cat and a Pomeranian. Lilly kept saying, "Hello cat on the farm. Hello dog on the farm." It was cute. I didn't take my camera, so I didn't get any pictures of Lilly petting the horses. When we made it back to the house hubby was finally up and eating breakfast. Me and Lilly went outside to help with what was left. I ended up sending her inside to watch tv cuz it was just so hot. I got so hot I almost passed out twice. I was trying to get everything done quickly cuz we had to be back home at 1:00 for a birthday party of one of Lilly's friends.
Lilly got to feel the head and the butt of her brother. He was pushing real good on the sides of my tummy and I had Lilly feel him. She giggled. The baby was moving like crazy last night around midnight. I couldn't sleep last night. Between the baby moving, hubby snoring, Lilly talking in her sleep (at one point she yelled, "BANANAS!!"), the wrong number calling my cell all night, hubby's fire pager going off..... I didn't sleep. Hubby also talked in his sleep, but I couldn't make out what he was saying. He was mumbling. I just said ok and he stopped.
Oh, Lilly had been getting in trouble for talking in school. Her excuse.... "I like to talk." So WE had a talk about that. Sometime in our discussion she said, "Sometimes the teacher tells us we can talk quietly, but I like to talk loud." I tried not to laugh at her. She knows the consequences now and hopefully that will help her be better.
I think I should have wussed out and took today off, I'm exhausted.


  1. hahhaa... girls are girls..they talk more than boys? :)

  2. That made me laugh ... sounds like the reasoning some of my kids have, but mine are all THIRD graders, not kindergartners! ;D