Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hang in there!!

My day was starting out pretty bad. I had a horrible dream last night, I didn't sleep well, I couldn't find any shoes for Lilly that matched her outfit, it was raining, I'm having a bad hair day, my nose is runny and stuffy at the same time, I'm sneezing like crazy, I was running late, traffic was terrible and no one knows how to drive in the rain it seems...... but I finally get to work, log on to 1000 awesome things, and there is a post that seems like it was written just for me today. #422~ Hanging on. If you haven't already, I strongly urge you to go take a peek at today's post. When I opened my daily email from this blog and saw the title to today's post I pictured the poster with the cat hanging onto the tree branch (hang in there) and didn't really think much of it, but as soon as I started reading my mood shifted. A smile crept across my face and everything that was making my day bad seemed so petty now. I love Neil's writing style. The way the words flow together and the choice of phrases.... well... what can I say.... it was so perfect for today.

Yesterday was just like every other day... nothing too special happened.

I did get a recipe for Borscht from a friend. I'm very excited to give that a try. I asked hubby last night if he would eat it if I fixed it and he said he didn't know. I'm going to have to take him the recipe to look over so I can know.

Still haven't settled on a baby name. Out of the blue one night he suggested his grandpa's name. Now... I already said that I didn't want to name the baby after anyone in either of our families. I don't want to honor one family and not the other. I'm pretty set on the name Alexander for at least the middle name... but he threw out Denvil................... what else can I say? I don't know what happened to Michael or Zachary...I thought he really liked those names.

Speaking of the baby, he knows hubby's voice already. Whenever hubby is talking loud the baby moves and kicks like crazy. But as soon as hubby stops talking, the baby stops too.
And it seems like he knows when I want to go to sleep. Last night I was laying there getting ready to drift away............... thump..........thump.........bump............ ok, ok, I'm up now. I rubbed my belly, I tapped right where his head is, I rolled over and finally he calmed down just enough for me to get to sleep.

I can see my baby belly now. Its popping out. Its there. Its real. Its here to stay a while and grow even bigger. Lilly commented on my tummy last night. "Mommy!! You're getting fat!!" yeah... thanks for that. Crazy girl. She was in a good mood all day yesterday. Very unusual these days. We watched a movie, had dinner, played Battleship and then I took her outside to run for a few minutes before bed. She didn't even get mad when I turned her tv off. Wow.... that's the Lilly we all know. She's been moody since right before school started. I think she's starting to get in the flow of things and learn her own routine a bit. Hopefully it lasts.

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