Thursday, September 16, 2010

Old Dream

I finally have insurance!!!!!! Its not the kind I really wanted, it was my backup plan. I haven't been denied yet from the one I really want, so I don't really know what's going to happen. But as it stands now, I am covered. The one I was wanting covers EVERYTHING. Everything that has to do with my pregnancy and then some- dentist, eye, if there's something I have to go to the hospital over that's not related to my pregnancy like a broken arm or something, and the entire delivery cost. The one I got approved for only covers things that deal with the pregnancy like the doc visits, lab work, ultrasounds and it only covers $1,000 of the delivery charge. It will help a lot, but I was hoping for more. I'm just glad I got what they gave me. The doc bills was piling up. Can't get onto hubby's insurance until December, well... that's when he's off probation, I don't know if he can sign up then or not.

Leaving tomorrow to go camping. Lilly's been wanting to stay in a tent for a long time now. Ever since last year when we did, she's been wanting to do it again. Not really "camping" but we will be in a tent. We're setting it up on hubby's uncle's "farm" and staying a day or two. They all want us to stay in the extra bedroom, but Lilly wants to stay in a tent.

I love what is up on today. Go take a peek at it if you haven't already. Since I am a person that loves to cook and loves food in general, this post was perfect. Especially since I recently experienced the horribleness of a terrible dinner and greatness of a wonderful one.

I was looking back at some of my old blog posts and it kinda creeped me out a bit. Exactly a week before I found out I was pregnant, I had a dream that I had a baby..... and it was a boy. Need a recap? Here ya go-

"Had a dream last night that I had just had a baby. Literally..... just gave birth. Didn't go to the hospital. I was holding the baby and my hubby and mom came in ( I have no idea where exactly I was in this dream, maybe at home...I don't know for sure) and I told them that we needed to go to the hospital. First I was freaking out because we didn't have a car seat for the baby and made them go to my storage building to get one. They bring back something that looks like the car seat that I have, but it was paper. I started crying and told them that I'm going to be a horrible mother to this child because I don't even have a car seat for him. (oh, was a boy) So I took him and we walked to the hospital, but by the time I got there he was like 5 years old. I looked down and he just jumped out of my arms. That's when I woke up. Weird."

I found out I was pregnant on Friday May 14, but didn't post about it until Monday May 17. I did announce it on on May 14. The post for that day was #505 The last couple hours before the weekend But how weird is it that I would dream that exactly one week before I found out? And to dream that it was a boy.....

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