Friday, September 3, 2010

Long weekend!!

I read somewhere the other day that a bad mood normally only lasts 10 hours at the most..... I thought that was interesting since I've been in a mood these past couple of days. Of course the bad mood didn't last all day. It went away, but always found its way right back. I think once everything is worked out with court, my bad moods will be less known. I was mostly in a bad mood on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I was in a fantastic mood. I was hyper and very productive at work. Thursday..... I felt kinda sick and today, well...I'm just tired.
I think I'm starting to learn the baby's sleep pattern. WOOHOO!! He has found this one place to kick that kinda makes me sick....just that one place, but I found out that if I tap on my belly, he stops.
I also found this other cool website. It was linked through If you have extra time today go check out My favorite I saw was a Mason jar chandelier. I thought of Mom and am thinking about making one myself. It doesn't look that hard. Just some Mason jars in a holder with some solar lights. I told her last night that I was thinking about making her Christmas present this year and she said she was worried about what it was. hahahaha. I made her two photo albums last year. One of just Lilly and one of my wedding pictures.

I didn't have a lot of time to have a good look around the site, though. I did find some lamps I thought were cool and a clock or two.

I ended up crying yesterday when I passed Lilly's daycare. I miss her so much and I'm just so worried about how she's going to do today in school. I hope she does well.

Gonna get to go to my storage building on Monday. See what baby stuff I do actually have, not what I think I have. Maybe figure out what I'm going to do with all those pink clothes.

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