Thursday, September 30, 2010

I worry too much

Lilly saw her first ice cream truck yesterday. The music started playing and it was getting closer and closer. We were outside playing and she says, "What's that noise." I said, "I'm not going to tell you." By then it was too late and it was in sight. "Oh, Mommy!!!! An ice cream truck!!!" It was too cold for ice cream or I would have let her get some. We didn't see the truck at all during the summer, but as soon as it starts cooling down, there he is.
Hubby is working a lot of over time now. 12 hour shift without a day off for almost a what he says. This week he's worked over, but I would think they would at least give him Sunday's off or something. We'll see I guess. Makes me sad that he's not home. I've been making plans to stay busy while he's working and Lilly's gone. Hanging out with my bff on Saturday. I think I'm just going to sleep today. Go home, make a samich and hop into bed with my book.
Got my info back on what the insurance will pay for. Everything is paid for except the bills from my ER visit. A total of $2,713.00. I thought about asking my grandparents for the money, but only if they will let me pay them back. $2,293 has already gone to collections so I need to get that paid off before we apply for a loan in December. I took money out of savings to pay the $420 bill. I used the little Christmas money I had to make a $200 payment on the $2,293 bill. If I was paying it by myself I could have it all paid off like a week before the baby is due, but if hubby helps out I can hopefully get it paid off before December.
I could probably pay it off sooner, but I gotta try to save up money to go Christmas shopping.
Lilly felt the baby kick again. Feels like he never sleeps anymore cuz he's always moving about. She was singing to him yesterday and I told her that he was dancing and I had her feel.
I have a doctor's appointment in 8 days. They were suppose to call me and let me know when my next ultrasound was, but they never did. I was suppose to go in to get the shadow they saw on his heart checked out and to see if my placenta moved up. Maybe they are just gonna do it all the same day. Ultrasound and doc visit.

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