Friday, September 24, 2010

Week 23

Your Pregnancy: Week 23~You've got this pregnancy thing down pat now: You feel good, you look great, you're eating well and drinking enough water. Everything is fabulous. It's like your birthday every day the way people fawn all over you, giving up their place in the bathroom line and so on. OK, so maybe that doesn't happen every day, but being pregnant makes you feel pretty special, even if that jerk on the bus didn't give up his seat for you.

Your Body~Fact: You are carrying around several extra pounds of weight located not only in your belly but in your bra as well. Who's baring the brunt of all this poundage? Mr. Shoulders and Mr. Back. Don't suffer in silence. Get sweet relief:

Even in early pregnancy, back pain can be a real bother, and when you get to the halfway point, forget about it! Try lying on a cool ice pack to relieve some of the strain. Some alternative approaches like acupuncture and massage can ease the pain. And if not, having someone rub you for an hour still feels pretty darn good.

If you're noticing severe pain, numbing or tingling in your lower back and hips, you might have sciatica. Check in with your doctor.

Your Baby~Your baby's got a while to go before her lungs will be ready for air and is practicing her "breathing" on the amniotic fluid—sucking it in and out of her lungs. Other highlights this week:

Fat production is in overdrive at this point (for the baby, not you! Well, OK, maybe for the baby and you). Your baby will basically double in weight over the next four weeks! You'll be happy to know the same won't apply to you.

Your Mini is starting to look more like a newborn as her skin becomes less see-through. Her body is looking more proportional now, although her head is still kinda big compared to her cute little body.

Your baby is about 11½ inches long and weighs 1 pound, or about the length and weight of a Harry Potter book.

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