Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Feelin' Good

Just found out that my one of my favorite authors are gonna be here in town next month. Mr. Nicholas Sparks will be here in October and I am stoked! The first book I read by him that got me hooked to his books was At First Sight so I'm gonna find it and have him sign that one. If I can go, that is. Something could pop up between now and then. I'm working on reading Dear John and the last one I read was The Last Song and was excited about the movie, until I saw who was the leading role. I still haven't gone to see that movie only because she's in it. Its petty, I know. But from what I hear, she ruins that movie anyway and I'd rather not see her butcher a good book. I like to read the books before I see the movie. I haven't seen Dear John yet. I didn't even know when I started reading his works that he was the genius behind The Notebook and a couple more of my favorite movies.

Taking a couple days off next week cuz I won't have a car. Its gonna be at hubby's parents house cuz that's where they are gonna work on it and its gonna take a few days. Taking some vacation days is cheaper than renting a car to go to work. I will get to sleep in a bit, then walk Lilly to school, come home and either nap, clean or just do whatever. I was excited yesterday about being able to have Taco Bell for lunch one day... and then I remembered that I will have no way to get there. Its too far to walk, so I guess today I will mosey on down to the mall and get me some Taco Bell. I love tacos. I just don't really trust the mall food too much. Seems like a plan to me, though. The baby wants what the baby wants and today, he wants tacos..... I'm so glad he doesn't hate them. I think I would have to cry if I couldn't have my tacos.

Finally got my Walmart credit card paid off this morning!!! One goal down, a million to go.

Lilly finally got to feel her baby brother kick. She asked, "Is that his foot or his butt?" I told her I didn't know and she said that it better not have been his butt. LOL!! I told her he will kick more often and we will be able to feel it better once my tummy starts getting bigger. I can only tell a slight difference in my size. I have only gained like 6 pounds all together, but my tummy has grown. The pants I bought to be big on me so I can grow into them...well...I'm almost grown into them. Not quite yet, but almost. I think my tummy's grown an inch or so. I had a 2 inch gap in these pants, I had to hook them on the belt loop instead of the hooks (they are dress pants) and now I don't have to. They are still a bit big. Probably in the next couple of weeks I will be into my maternity pants.

I made a horrible dinner last night. I was so excited about it all day yesterday, then I get home and it sucked. wasn't too bad, but it wasn't my best and it really wasn't worth keeping the leftovers. So, I told hubby that whenever I make a bad dinner, he gets to cook the next day...... he asks me what I want him to order. If its that easy to get some take out, maybe I should cook bad more often. ;-)

I woke up in such an excellent mood. I had a horrible dream, but woke up smiling and cheerful. Its only 9:30, lets hope this mood lasts the rest of the day.

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