Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Its only Tuesday?

The baby is moving like crazy right now. He was doing it last night too. As soon as I decided it was time to go to bed, he stated moving. Not little subtle kicks and bumps, no, he was in full swing doing gymnastics in my stomach. Hubby got to feel him right as he was calming down. Lilly still hasn't gotten to feel him. He never moves when she's around. Mostly he moves while I'm at work or she's asleep. Hopefully since I have her all weekend she will get a chance to feel her baby brother kick her hand.

I do wish we could agree on a name for him so we can stop calling him "him" or "the baby." I honestly don't feel like any name we have talked about is his. I do feel like Alexander is right for him in one way or another, first or middle. There are a lot of names that go well with Alexander, we just can't agree on any and none really "fit" him.

Just had a training session on our new phones. The training lasted 2 hours!! New phone system that we can access through our computers and such. Its gonna take some getting use to and a lot of exploring. The system isn't up and running completely yet. It will be by next week, but right now we can only call inside our department.

The guy that was doing the training was talking really loud at one point and woke up the baby. He started kicking the hell outta me. I almost had to get up and leave until he calmed down.

I feel like its Thursday. Its gonna be a long week.

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