Thursday, June 16, 2011

All about Zach

I thought I'd take this post to talk about Zach and how much he's grown and all the things he can do now. I know he's not even 5 months yet, he will be on Tuesday-which is my 3 year anniversary also. I was looking at some of his newborn pictures yesterday and just being amazed at how much his looks have changed already, and I didn't really notice. Just look at this.... he's 2 days old here.

And here's a one year old pic of Lilly just to compare how much he looks like her too. Not his newborn pic, what he looks like now compared to what she looked like years ago.
I apologize for the blurriness, I took pics of pics with my phone just now.
Lilly's face is rounder, but I think they look a lot alike. Zach also looks like hubby. A LOT.
He's found his feet. Oh, how he loves his feet. If he's having tummy time, he will roll over just to play with his feet. He hasn't got them in his mouth yet, but I know its coming.
He loves taking baths. He's always loved bath time, but now that he's able to splash and move around a bit more, he loves it that much more. After I'm done soaping him up and rinsing him off, I let him play. He giggles and splashes and smiles. Its great. Lilly never really liked baths as a baby, and I still have trouble out of her to take a shower.
He's eating baby food. His favorites are bananas and sweet potatoes. He does not like applesauce or green beans.
He is wearing 6-9 month clothes now. read right. My almost 5 month old is wearing 6 month clothes. I think Lilly was too at that age. After this group of clothes, I'm out of what everyone gave us. I'm going to have to start buying him bigger clothes before its time. He wasn't in 3-6 month clothes for very long. While I'm out shopping for him, Lilly needs new shoes before school starts. She only fits into one pair of shoes now. Out of the 10 pair she got last year, only one fits now.
He loves to give kisses. Its the best thing in the world. He grabs your face and goes to town, slobbering everywhere and sometimes sucking on your chin. Oh and he loves to get kisses too. He likes to get kisses right there between this jaw bone and his ear and on the bottom of his chin. He giggles. He also likes it when I 'chew' on his cheeks. That makes him giggle a lot. When he giggles, he brings his shoulder up and squishes his head down, so he doesn't have a neck. He hasn't started laughing yet. Just giggles, but its one of the best sounds in the world.
His favorite toys are those plastic rings. The Easter bunny brought him a lot of different colors. Some are smooth, some have bumps, some have softer plastic, some have rings...he loves them. They are easy for him to grab and easy to put in his mouth. Here's a pic that I found on in case you didn't know what they were.
He's happy and smiley 95% of the time. He is one of the most well behaved babies I've ever seen. Lilly was a good baby, too, but she was happy and smiley about 85% of the time. I blame that on my crazy work schedule when she was a baby... 
Zach is almost sleeping through the night. Lately, he's been rolling over in his sleep and gets mad. All I gotta do is roll him back over and he's fine. The last 2 nights I think he was having nightmares. He didn't wake up screaming like he use to, he was just making weird noise. All I have to do is pat him on the back and he's fine.  
Oh, what else could I tell you? He loves water and to give kisses. He's growing like a weed and very happy. There isn't much that displeases him. He likes the cold, like me. He gets hot very easily, like me. He looks good in every color I put on him and drools all the time. He's a big flirt with all the girls, doesn't matter your age..... like Dad. He can roll both ways and plays with his toes. He 'rotates' himself during tummy time. I'll put him on a blanket facing one way and he'll rotate until he's facing the opposite way. Noise doesn't bother him. He doesn't respond to him name yet. I'm wondering if he has hearing problems since loud noise doesn't bother him.
He blows raspberries now. Talk about drool....just add some air and its flying drool. Its adorable though. His babbles seem more serious too. He'll have this serious look on his face where he pulls his eyebrows down and babbles real slow sometimes. He's also growling. As soon as I put him in the tub last night, he growled at me. He gurgles and sighs and can talk forever. I wish I could post sound on here so you could here him. I'll have to look around to see if I can.
If I hold his hands above his head while he's standing, he'll take steps. Oh, yeah, he can stand now.... with a bit of support. All he needs is something to lean on and he's good. Sitting up is another story. He still slumps down and leans forward.
He loves it when I sing to him. His favorite so far is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. That's his bedtime song. I can't get him to sleep with any other song, just that one.
He's already a momma's boy. I hate to give him that label, but he is. Sometimes he cries while Dad's holding him just for me to come hold him. As soon as I take him, he stops crying. It upsets Dad a bit and I wish Zach wouldn't do that. I've tried not going to him, but when he's screaming and crying for half an hour, its time for me to get in there. I know Dad is going crazy from the crying in his ears. He hates hearing him cry. He can't handle it for very long.
I'm not sure what else to add. He's social, healthy, happy and a ton of fun. Oh, and my awesome thing for today is, what else, **babies**

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