Wednesday, June 29, 2011

To do list

So here's my 30 things I want to do before I turn 30.

Buy a house~Hopefully soon
Empty storage building and have yard sale ~After we buy a house
Organize photo albums~After we buy a house
Save $10,000
Get a new job/or great at my current job
Get a new car
Take up a new hobby
Make a Thanksgiving dinner
Drink a fancy wine
Get back to pre-Lilly weight
Get a new hairdo
Go to the beach
Ride a horse
Get a tattoo for Zach
Have 2 more people I consider close friends
Go to DC~Went in high school and would like to go back
Learn how use a sewing machine
Make both kids Halloween costumes by myself
Take kids to museum
Get more involved in Relay for Life
Volunteer for other things
Ride in a big boat with kids
Ride in an airplane for the first time
Go ice skating ~haven’t done this since I was 10
See Capitol Steps~Saw them in high school and again a year or two ago. So funny, I want to see them again.
Go to Disneyworld/land
Watch all 250 top movies from IMBD~ The list is here. The list changes, adding on current movies, but I'm going with what was on the list on my 25 birthday.
Ride in a train
Take kids camping~Lilly's been, but not Zach
Get closer with my family

So that's my list. Hopefully I'll get some stuff marked off. Aaannnndddd....that's my awesome thing of the day!! **Marking things off your list** Especially marking off the very last thing. Its not a very exciting list, but its a realistic one and things I really do want to do.

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