Thursday, June 9, 2011

Its soooooooooo hot

The weather has been HOT and HUMID these past couple of days- a little bit of rain here and there and a nice little storm that wasn't as bad as what everyone was saying it was going to be.
Relay is tomorrow. I think I got my grandma talked into coming for a bit and Lilly's father is going to drop by with her during kid's corner. I'm still unsure if hubby is coming. He says he is, but he's got something at the fire station to do, so I doubt he'll be there.
Summer camp has been fun for Lilly so far. She's sunburnt on her face and the tops of her feet. I have taken the Avon bug guard sunscreen that starts out blue, but turns clear once its rubbed in, but she still gets burnt. She knows the places she burns the most and she's usually really good at getting it on, but she's been slacking. I think she just gets in a hurry cuz she wants to go outside and play. I have two awesome things today.... when used properly and when actually put on **sunscreen** especially the kind with the bug guard in it since the bugs love me and Lilly both and my second awesome thing is **aloe** Yes, whenever the sunscreen is forgotten, aloe comes in handy. I had to use some last night on the tops of her feet. She just burns so easily. I burn easily on my face, right around my eyes and my nose. I use to burn on the tops of my arms and my shoulders, but this year they just tanned.
I hate these words, "Shut up" and I use to refuse to use them, but lately, it seems like its the only way I can get my point across to Lilly. I have tried every other way I can think of, but those two words are what works and I hate it. This morning she kept going on and on about stuff not being fair. "Zach gets to sleep whenever he wants. Zach gets to eat whenever he wants. Zach doesn't have to pick up his toys." On and on and on and on, and so early in the morning. I tried telling her that he is a baby, she did the exact same things when she was a baby, so it is fair. I told her that he can't take care of himself or even walk yet to pick up his toys. He is little. His stomach is smaller and he needs food more often. But she just kept on and on, finally I just told her to shut up. I felt so bad after I did it. "You help Zach get ready in the mornings, but you won't help me anymore" (sigh) I do still help her, I brush her hair and when she's having problems with her shoes, I help her out. I just don't sit there and dress her anymore. She's 6 years old and fully capable. I try telling her this, but she won't listen. I know she's just jealous and feeling left out and misses all my attention being on her, so I try not to get mad.
So I guess I'm the assistant of two people now. The big boss guy asked me if I would be willing to help him out and do stuff for him whenever he needs. I told him that it would be fine. So far, in just these two days, I am organizing a lunch for a meeting, ordering a Blackberry for the boss guy, having a computer put in the empty office........ its the kind of stuff I've been wanting to do. I like doing these little things, running stupid little errands. Is it weird that I'm more comfortable being someone's assistant like this than I am being someone's assistant where I actually do some work (input, filing and such) and have a great opportunity to move up?
Relay is tomorrow!!!! I've been making my list of things to take-drinks, sunscreen, pack the diaper bag... stuff like that. I have got to remember to charge the camera tonight. So far I have raised $355 and I'm expecting a bit more. My grandparents said they would donate.
I was playing hide and seek with Lilly last night. Give her something to do while I was trying to feed Zach, he was a little fussy... I think its teething time. Hubby got a bit frustrated with all the crying and passed Zach on to me. Anyway.... Lilly hid in the bedroom closet. She always yells "READY" when she's done. We've told her not to do that cuz then we know where she is, but she does it anyway... hubby heard where she was hiding so he casually went in the bedroom. He came back out and told me that Lilly had sat on my birthday present and broke it. I still have no idea what it is. I didn't want to go in the closet, so I just told Lilly she hid so good that we give up and she can come out now. She got upset. So......... I made her a S'more in the microwave. Not as good as a roasted marshmallow, but it cheered her up. I don't know what my gift was, but it can be taken back and replaced. I told hubby I didn't really want anything. I think I'm going to tell people to just make a donation to Relay instead of buying me things from now on. I don't need anything. I don't want anything. I'm pretty content with the things I have.
Here's a sleeping picture of Zach... you see that on his onsie? Its an octopus. HA!! Remember that Lilly wanted to name the baby Octopus if it was a boy?? Well, I've been searching for some octopus clothes and found one at Walmart and on at a yard sale.

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