Monday, June 13, 2011

My birthday!

Happy birthday to me.... IS it a happy birthday? I don't know. Its too early to tell. Didn't sleep last night. Zach rolls over a lot now and he does it in his sleep and wakes up on his back mad. I was up about every hour, rolling him back over. I really should have taken today off. I'm wore out.
Friday was great. Relay went great. Zach was great. Everything was great. I was a little upset because I invited a lot of people and none showed up. Ok, one guy I use to go to school with and his gf showed up and hubby came a few hours late. Here's some pics from Relay

It really was a lot of fun, but I kinda noticed how.... boring (?) it could be for someone that isn't involved or anything. I watched my friend and his gf be bored out of their minds for an hour before they headed out. There really isn't much to do unless you are a part of it all. Its kinda like a big party with a bunch of games and events, but if you're not doing any of them or anything, you're just sort of walking around. I am super glad they came, I just wish they could have stayed for the candle ceremony. It was nice to see him and meet his gf.
We stayed until 11:00 and went home. Zach cried all the way home. NO, not cried, he screamed. As good as he was at Relay, he let it all out on the ride home.
Saturday was the open house at the fire station. I didn't have to stand out in the road this year to collect donations. I had Zach with me. He was good there too. We walked over half an hour after it started and hung out in the fire station for a bit talking to a few guys and getting the names of the new guys. Zach and me both were getting hungry so we went to the fire station's community building for the hot dog sale. It was nice and air conditioned in there. Zach ate a bit, I grabbed a bbq and then the other people started to pour in. A family friend and her family, hubby's sister and her kids... they came and sat with me and Zach. We visited for a bit and I took Zach out to go find hubby. He was busy. They had their stations they needed to be at. (kinda glad I wasn't a part of that this would have been hard to juggle all of it with Zach) There was the people in the road collecting donations, some upstairs counting the money, some in the community building helping serve food, some out at a car tearing it apart, some were in the hanger to give tours and answer questions, and some were on the tanker truck spraying water for the kids to play in.
I stayed for a few hours and headed out to the store..... and spent more money than I had intended.
OH, hubby's mom got Zach a pair of sunglasses. Heres some pics.
I get Lilly back today. Her father said that her sunburn is tanning and not peeling which is great. This week is water week at the Y and I hope they remember her sunscreen.... and to reapply it! 
So my day has just began, I've had 3 people tell me happy birthday-my bff, hubby and my uncle. I still don't really like celebrating my bday, but I'm glad I'm alive and well enough to have one. That's where my awesome thing of the day comes in **birthdays** I'm not expecting anything special today. I'm not really expecting anything at all today. I am going to go get myself some birthday lunch. I don't know where yet. Hubby said he got me something, I don't really want anything...or need anything. I would like to go look at some houses today for my birthday. That would be great. We got pre-approved for a mortgage loan last month, and haven't looked or even called about a house since. I've tried to get him to get some numbers and call, but he hasn't. I wanted to go look at some houses yesterday, cuz there's this one that we are kind of interested in... but we didn't. I was stuck in the house ALL day yesterday. I kept trying to get Zach to go for a walk. We got up early, but by the time I had a shower and he had a bath and breakfast, it was too hot to go. By the time it had cooled down enough to go, he was grouchy. I did get to go out on the porch during one of his half an hour naps and read a few pages in my book. I've been trying to read The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks since February, but I just haven't had the time.
Well... happy birthday to me!! I'm 25. I can't believe I'm halfway to 50. When I'm 50, hubby will be 59, Lilly will be 31 and Zach will be 25!! Zach will be my age when I'm 50. He'll be half my age. Lilly will be half my age when I'm 36, she'll be 18. Wow!


    Its tuesday over here in Australia, so I'm not sure if its still your birthday over there or not, but I hope you enjoyed your day anyway.
    If you were in Australia you'd be quite lucky & have a public holiday on your birthday. :)
    My Fiance's birthday was on friday & every year he gets the long weekend to celebrate! Im quite jealous actually!
    Oh well. I do know what you mean about the bday present though. My birthday is coming up next month & he says he knows what he's getting me, but honestly I dont really need anything (well besides a new wallet - but he said hes not getting me that - dammit!LOL )
    Anyway have a great day beautiful!

  2. Thanks Simone!! And yes, it was still my birthday when you posted your comment.