Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just not into it today

Birthday was ok. Hubby tried hard. I was just in a weird mood and very tired. All I wanted to do was crawl into bed and be left alone so I could sleep. I got home with the kids, he had filled up Lilly's pool for her to play in and wrapped my stuff-after calling me asking where the wrapping paper was. He got a card from each kid and one from him. I got Barbie brand Wizard of Oz dolls- a Dorothy and the Wicked Witch. I love Wizard of Oz, EVERYONE knows this. I have so much Oz stuff. I told Lilly that when she gets older, she's getting all of it. I guess that will be something I will over to her. I know a lot of it will be worth lots of money one day. He got me an ice cream cake and we ordered pizza. I gave Zach a bath and played with Lilly. I was so tired by the time I had the time to go to bed. I'm still so tired today. I didn't sleep well, but Zach only woke up once. He didn't roll over in his sleep last night. I guess he was wore out too.
So here at work I am now the assistant of 2 people. My first boss, love her to death, I do work... like filing and transactions and whatnot. The other one, the big boss guy, I do little errands for. Just basically whatever he asks me to do. I've been ordering him stuff, getting meetings organized, stuff like that... and I haven't seen a pay raise yet. I don't get paid 'til tonight, but he hasn't talked to me about a raise yet. I'm thinking that maybe he's waiting to see how I'm going to do with the meeting coming up on the 21. At least that's what I'm hoping. I can't live off the money I'm making now. Not with 2 kids, 2 bills for daycare and us trying to get a house.... and paying for healthcare. Yeah, having health insurance has helped us out, a lot, but I just wish it didn't cost so damn much. I'm hoping that my raise I'm hoping to get at least covers the amount I'm paying for the insurance. That way I'd be back to bringing home what I was a few months back.
Not really feeling it today. Lack of sleep sucks big time. I really wanted to call off today, but I had some files to pull since I didn't do them yesterday. Yesterday just sort of got away from me. I didn't really do much. I did my morning work, my mail run, went out and got some Subway, read the news, helped some people out, filled out some forms for the big boss guy... and it was time to go home.
Hubby's suppose to be going out this week to Ohio to get some fireworks and while he's gone I'm going to get the kids to make his Father's Day gift. Its about a 2 hour drive and he'll be in the store a minimum of an hour, and they'll probably stop somewhere to eat something.... so by the time I get home with the kids, I should have plenty of time to do it and let it dry. I just hope that Zach cooperates and his handprint doesn't come out as a smudge. Hubby tried to get Zach's handprint on my card from him, and he screamed and cried. I was outside while he was doing it, but I heard him crying. I never had that much trouble of him to do it.
So, Friday at 3:00 I went to K-Mart and spent a little over $18. Saturday I went to the store and got gas for $45 and groceries for nearly $120. Yesterday I made a deposit of $270 before 5:00. Well.... today... I have 3 overdraft fees because the bank didn't put my deposit in yet. And the way they did my debits is just wrong. They went from high to low even though the lowest amount should have came first cuz it was on a Friday. I'm very upset about this. If they would have taken the money out in the order I did the transactions, I would only have 1 overdraft fee, not counting my deposit. If they would have put my deposit through, I would be just fine! I do get paid tonight, but its already going to be gone. Mailed out a medical bill of almost $500 and gotta pay day care for a week for both kids. And hubby thinks we can afford a house......

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