Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Naps are so great

Left work at noon yesterday. I just didn't really have any energy to do anything and was just wasting my time and the company's money by sitting here. I went home and took a nap. Sent hubby a text telling him I was going home to nap, he calls me at 3:00 to ask me some random question that could have waited. Then he comes in the door on his phone talking soooo loud. After waking me up and stomping through the house and yelling on the phone, he goes outside, but he's so loud I can still here him. I lay there. I finally drift back to sleep and wake up 20 minutes later. He's off the phone and I was kind of expecting him to go get the kids, but he watched tv. So I got up, still so incredibly exhausted and left to get the kids. I got home, fed Lilly and hubby and Zach took a nap on the couch! I think we were all just having an off day. Today will be better. Oh, and my awesome thing for today is **naps** I know that naps are already on the list on but its so awesome, I'm putting it on here too. I know I didn't have an awesome thing for my post on yesterday, so I'll throw in another for today **gag gifts**  I see where I didn't go into detail about my bday presents. Ok, well... my gift from Zach was melted chocolate wrapped in a diaper. We all got a good laugh out of that one. And my big gifts....hubby put them in a diaper box and then wrapped them in duct tape and then wrapped them in wrapping paper. Wrapping gifts in duct tape is a big thing in my family and it was great to see hubby getting into it.
Lilly had a ball game at 7. She did good, but you could tell she was tired. She went to a water park yesterday with day care and today she's going to the movies and then to a pool. Its gonna be a big day for her. Here's some pics from her game yesterday. There's a game on Thursday, but its at 8:00 at night, so we aren't going to that one...that's just too late. Her last game is Saturday and after the game the coach is having a pizza party for them and giving out trophies.
She looks like she's tipping over
Getting ready to catch the ball
Look at the kid that just made it to second base.
Its like he's saying "YES, I made it!"
I'm not so sure what she's doing here, getting ready to run after a ball I think.

Throwing the ball
Lilly running to first base after hitting the ball without the tee

There's nothing on my calendar for today, so hopefully it'll be a nice peaceful day.
I've been thinking about getting a new hair style since I've had the same one since the beginning of time. I did try the side bangs 'do, but that only lasted 6 months. That hair style made me look 10 years older. I hated it. I have no idea what else to do. I just need something to do with my bangs. I could let them grow out, but then I'd have that awkward stage where they are too long to be bangs, but too short to be anything else. I don't know.

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