Friday, June 17, 2011

Father's Day

Tonight I get to do the handprints/feetprints with the kids for hubby's Father's Day gifts. The plan is for Lilly to give him her shirt and her card and then both the kids give him the stepping stones and then on Sunday Zach will give him his card and shirt. Its going to be hard in the coming years since I'll never have Lilly on Father's Day. Hubby's been so good to Lilly and he's always been around. I'm hoping that when Lilly gets a bit older, she will realize this and tell him how great he is. I could tell him, but it would mean more coming from her.
Since Father's Day is just around the corner, this post is dedicated to **Dad's** and is my awesome thing for today. Now, there really isn't a father figure in my life that I'm very close to. My second ex step dad comes the closest to anything even resembling a father to me. I wish I could make it in to see him this weekend, but Lilly has a game and party on Saturday and then Sunday is hubby's first Father's Day, so I want to try to make it extra special for him. My dad, yea, I'll tell him Happy Father's Day and maybe even call him up. I have no idea where he is right now. He travels for work. I've never had a close relationship with him and its always awkward when we talk on the phone. Realizing this just now makes me very sad that I never got close to my dad.
I don't talk to my first step dad and I'd like to keep it that way. He's never seen my kids either. My second step dad, Jeff, is one of the greatest men in the world. He took all 6 of us under his arm and took care of us and he still does. One of these years, I'm going to get him a trophy or something. Not one of those dinky little things you can get at Walmart or something either. No, I want a big one with a man figure standing at the top of it, looking as proud as can be.
I've had 'dads' come and go. Maybe that's why I'm awkward around people......
Hubby is a wonderful father. He took care of Lilly when she was a baby and still does. He is so great with Zach. I love seeing him hold and play with him. I know that our kids mean the world to him and knowing that means the world to me.
So, here's to all the dads and fathers out there that kiss their kids goodnight and even gives them money when in need. Here's to all the step dads who have stepped in. Even if you take care of other's kids and don't have any of your own.... you are wonderful. Here's to all the grandpas that tell stories and help you sneak candy. You are loved. Happy Father's Day!!
And here's a reminder to give your pop a call, even if its just to say thanks or that you love him. I have a lot of calls to make on Sunday and I'm going to enjoy each of them.

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