Monday, June 6, 2011

Fishing and parties

Friday we went out to eat with hubby's parents. We went to a little family dinner. Ya know, the food might have been a little pricey, but I can't remember the last time I was full from food at a restaurant. It was good food. I let Lilly order for me and she got the Chicken Parmesan. Sooo goooood. Zach slept long enough for us to eat. Hubby and his dad got a 9 oz steak smothered in onions. It looked real good.
Saturday we went to hubby's uncles camp. Lilly has been dying to go fishing, so we went up there. He has a nice little pond there with a dock and everything. Its a bit away from the house and we usually get there on the 4-wheeler, but we took hubby's cousin's truck there. My car wouldn't have made it. Lilly caught 3 fish!! It was one of those time I wish I would have taken my camera, but we left it at home. So that's one of my awesome things of this weekend. **Catching a fish** She even caught one before hubby did. I didn't fish, I was tending to Zach. He got to see his first fish. Lilly had lots of fun and Zach was good for the most part. His allergies started to kick in real bad this weekend. He has been coughing and wheezing and yesterday his nose started running. I've been giving him medicine and using the vaporizer at night and its been helping a bit. While we were at the camp, he was fine as long as he was outside.
Sunday we went to a birthday party. It was at one of those places with the inflatables indoors. I'm so glad it was indoors. The kids were running and playing so hard they were hot as it was, I couldn't have imagined how they'd do outside. It was hot and humid this weekend. So here's my next awesome thing **Air conditioning** After years of living without it, my last years in high school and the first year I moved out on my own, and then getting air conditioning....I'd never go back to not having it. Here's a few pics I got. One of Lilly and one of the birthday girl. I couldn't get any good pics with my phone, they were moving so fast and were blurry. I did get some really great pics on hubby's sister's camera.

After the bday party, we went out to eat at Friday's with hubby's cousin, his wife and their kid. Zach was so tired, all he did was cry and fuss. I had hubby order my food for me while I was tending to Zach, and it was kinda gross. He got the Chicken Piccata Pasta for me and it tasted like vinegar. I had to keep taking Zach outside cuz that's the only place he would stop crying. We got home and I took him and Lilly for a walk and then when we got home, Zach took a bottle and crashed.
Today is Lilly's last day of school. She is so excited. The YMCA is having a water party today after school, so that's exciting too. My little girl is growing up, moving on the first grade. I can't believe it. I don't think they are going to do much today.
I'm going to try to get the kids hand and feet prints tonight while hubby's at his meeting. I might just do Lilly's and try to get Zach's this weekend in the morning. He's always more cooperative in the morning. Took Lilly to Wal mart on Saturday and we picked out 2 shirts for hubby for Father's Day. Lilly got him one that says "Greatest Dad' and I got one from Zach that says, "New Dad 2011" So Saturday before Father's Day while we have Lilly we are probably going to give him the stepping stones and then Sunday ON Father's Day me and Zach will give him the shirts while Lilly's gone. Lilly will be gone for a week. That's usually the week I take vacation since its our anniversary, but I'm not this year. Hubby can't so I won't. I was thinking about taking our anniversary off, though. Hubby's sister is wanting to take the kids to the little theme park we have nearby sometime this month, but I told her it depends on what the Y is doing that day. I'm paying that much money for Lilly to go and I don't want her to miss anything fun. I know the week hubby's sister is wanting to go is the week the Y is doing a carnival and pony rides.
I can't recall who it was on but one of the commenters had a link on their name to their blog and it gave me an idea. Here's their blog I wrote hubby an email telling him how lucky I was to have him and gave him a small list of thank you's for some little things he does for me. I don't know if he's read it yet or not, but my guess is that he did. He didn't say anything about it, but he was helping me out more this weekend. It was nice to have that little bit of extra help. All of this is just helping me on my journey to lose my depression. It seems to be working, writing hubby a little note and making it a point to find at least one awesome thing a day.... I think its working. I did have a good weekend, but it caught up with me on Sunday for a bit.
Oh and I don't know if I mentioned it yet or not, but the house that was my first pick is sold now. It is still empty and that's what we were going by, but the guy that bought it lives in Delaware or something and he's still trying to sell that house and can't move in to the new house yet.
Relay is Friday!!

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