Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Anniversary went great. We both got each other cards and then hubby went and bought us an ice cream maker. I'm so excited to try it out!! I haven't made ice cream since elementary school. He brought out the little kid in me last night when he showed me that.
I went out to the Blockbuster kiosk and rented I Am Number Four. Great movie! And the way it ended, there has to be a second one. The movie was much better than the previews lead you to believe.
When we went to bed and was laying there he said, "You know.... 3 years ago today, you were right there." I said..."Yeah... and you weren't" And he laughed. The night of our wedding, he left to go on a house fire. We had just went to bed and his pager went off. He was laying there listening to it. I finally told him to go. He argued a bit, but I knew he really wanted to go, so I basically kicked him out of bed and made him go. I stayed up half the night listening to the fire radio. Yep...that's how I spent my first night as a married woman. Oh, when we were out eating after the wedding (we went for Chinese cuz its my fav) his pager went off for a car fire close to where we were. I told him he could go. I got to watch him in action. It was the first time I ever saw him do anything like that. You should have seen his face when I told him he could go (to both the car fire and the house fire later that night). It was like a little kid was just told he could have any toy in the world he wanted.
Zach is teething. Oh, the joys of teething. When I dropped him off at day care, he was running a bit of a fever and had a runny nose. Yesterday he was very grumpy and slept a lot. I am not prepared for him to start teething. I might have to leave work early to go get him today.
Awesome thing for today **laughter** What ISN'T great about laughter?? Zach is full on laughing now and I love it so much. Yesterday I had him laying on the floor and all I was doing was slowly moving my face toward his face and he thought it was so funny. He was laughing and giggling!! Him laughing made me laugh. Contagious laughter. HA!!
Lilly called me yesterday at 7:00 in the morning to tell me she missed me and was crying. I got her calmed down after about half an hour and told her I'd call her back at noon. 8:30 she called me back to ask me if I was the only one with that phone number. 11:30 she called me back, but I was very busy and couldn't talk so I told her I'd call her at noon like I said I would. Noon I called her back and she told me she wanted me to call her when I got home so she could talk to Zach. About 2:00 I got another call from the same number, but it wasn't Lilly. It was her father's mom calling to see if I needed anything since my number was on the caller ID. 5:30 I called her at her father's house and she talked to Zach while she ate my phone. She seemed much better after talking to him. She's going to my grandma's house today while her father's at work. She's very excited about that. I'm very excited cuz I know she will be taken care of and will have fun there.
Oh, I forgot to say Happy Summer yesterday! Yesterday marked the first day of summer here. The temperature has been in the low 90's/high 80's which isn't too bad, but the humidity has been through the roof. So, in case you wonder out in the sun to have some fun, don't forget your sunscreen... and bug spray if you are anything like me. Drink lots of water... and reapply your sunscreen.

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