Friday, June 3, 2011

Play Ball!!!

Lilly had a game yesterday. The schedule I had said it was at 7:15, but the one her father had said it started at 6:00. I was just getting Lilly ready when it was almost 6:00 and her father sent me a text asking where I was. Apparently, other parents had the same schedule that said 6:00. (they were all looking at an old one. The coach handed out a new schedule a while back) So I was freaking out thinking I was looking at the wrong one so I rushed to get the kids ready and out the door. Hubby had some meeting to go to, so he wasn't there to help. I get on the road on my way and I call the coach and he says that it is at 7:15, he knows some parents are there and he's on his way and he'll just let whoever is there practice a bit. I get there with the kids around 6:15 and we go down to the field and I don't see her father anywhere. I play with Zach and watch Lilly play with the other kids while waiting on the coach. Around 6:30 her father comes to the field with his girlfriend and Lilly's sister. He says that he was at the field, but went back to the truck. I know he saw us get there from where he was parked. He said that he couldn't stay cuz they had furniture to go pick up at a store. They were going to stay if the game was at 6:00. I told him he had plenty of time to get there and get back before the game, but he argued about that for 20 minutes and then left.
Lilly did really well. She has learned how to throw the ball far, but she needs to work on her aim. She was catching the balls and running fast, but her attitude on the field needs to change. I don't know if she's over-confident or what, but she is kind of mean to the other players, very loud and just not herself. We need to have a little talk about that if she wants to continue to play next year.
I get the kids home around 9:00, feed Lilly again while giving Zach a bath, Lilly took a shower while I fed Zach and packed diaper bags and backpacks. Zach did tummy time while I got Lilly ready for bed. It was 10:00 before I got her to bed. That's about the time hubby came home.
Relay is next week. I am so excited! I haven't raised as much money as I had hoped, but I did reach my goal. I'll make sure I take lots of pics and post them on here. I need to tell Lilly's father cuz he has her that weekend and I want her to be there, even if its for a little bit. She remembers it from last year and wants to go. I'm glad I got her interested in this at such an early age.
So in an attempt to keep my mood up I'm going to follow the advice of an awesome man. Neil Pasricha, I am going to find one awesome thing about my day and post on here. The 1000awesomethings blog does cheer me up and have me looking for small joys in life, but I need to go a step further. I'm going to try to overcome my depression myself, hopefully I'll get some progress. I did look up some psychologists yesterday and found 2 not far from my house, but distance isn't the problem. They have to be good and they have to be super cheap. Those two things don't really go together. Anyway... My awesome thing from yesterday is ***watching your kid play sports and seeing how much fun they are having***  Lilly really loves playing ball. Besides from her new attitude, she is having so much fun and is getting really good at it. She's made new friends and learned a lot. She gets to run off her energy and play. I love seeing that big smile on her face when she hits the ball far or catches the ball. Here is her ball pic.

Oh and has everyone seen the video of that guy that dropped his kid to catch a baseball.... but he missed it anyway??? Wow!! Dropped his kid. To catch a ball. Really??

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