Tuesday, June 7, 2011

School's over

Oh how time does fly. My little kindergartener is a camper now and in just a couple months she'll be a first grader!! Here's my awesome thing from yesterday **the last day of school** I remember being excited on the last day of school. I remember not doing anything, but hanging out and watching movies on the last day of school. Lilly's class had a birthday party for the kids who have birthdays during the summer then she had a water party at the Y. Today is the first day of summer camp. 
I had to leave work a bit early yesterday cuz Zach was sorta sick. Day care called me at 10 and said he won't stop crying and to give them ideas. I told them that he is uncomfortable cuz his allergies are kicked into high gear and he's tired. At noon they called me back to come get him. I got there and he was just laying there on a pillow looking at his hands. The teacher said, "I knew he'd make me out to be a liar!" I laughed. We went home, I gave him a bottle, some medicine and he slept for 4 hours.  
Came into work today and saw that I had an email from the big boss man at 2:50 to come see him. I was gone. I sent him back an email this morning. Cross your fingers for me that its something good and that I'm not going to get yelled at for something.
Why do guys act like they are dying when they are the slightest bit sick?? Hubby's allergies are hitting him and OMG, you'd think someone beat him up. He couldn't/wouldn't even sit up and give Zach his pacifier while I was cooking and filling up Lilly's pool. Reminds me of that Dayquil commercial where the guy is on the couch with a cold and calls for his girlfriend/wife to come hand him the remote and instead she hands him a box of Dayquil and the voice over says something like, "Dayquil even handles the man cold." That commercial is so true. Its like the world stops when a man is sick. You know, if I did what he does when I feel bad, the house would fall apart. I told him last night that now he knows how I felt a few months ago when I was pregnant and couldn't breathe and felt like crap, but couldn't take anything and he was making fun of me. And he said...get this... he said, "You didn't feel THIS bad." I said, "Bull! I felt like I was hit by a truck and someone was suffocating me while I was flying into the sun." "No, you could still get up and move around." "Dear...I had no choice. I don't get to lay around when I'm sick. I still have things to do. I'd love it if I could lounge on the couch when I have a headache or be able to stay in bed when my head is stuffy or be waited on hand and foot when I have a fever... like you do... but I can't. Nothing will get done. Remember when I just got home from the hospital and I couldn't walk very well and was in horrible pain... well... what did I do? I didn't lay there, I continued with the day. I took care of the baby and you and Lilly and no one took care of me. I tell you sometimes when I feel bad and all I want to do is rest, but you do nothing." And guess what he did.............. he got mad. (ok, so I can't really quote that big rant cuz I'm sure some words were different, but that's basically the gist of it.) I'm sorry men... I really am. I know how you feel when you are sick, but do you know how your lady feels when she is sick. Just like you, maybe worse. We're just not as dramatic as you are and we know that things need to get done. I'm sorry, but you're not 5 anymore.
(deep breathe) ok, I'm sorry for that rant. I just had to say it. Here's a friendly reminder to go to www.senotable.com Its not fully functional yet, but you could go check it out. Pre-register for it. Sign up. Its all free. When its up and running completely, you will be able to leave massages for loved ones and they will get these messages when you pass on. I know you can do it in email form, but I also believe that video will be an option too. When you pre-register for it, you will get an email about a week before its fully functional telling you that its almost time. I think its a great idea.

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