Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day weekend

Friday, I attempted to do the kids handprints in a mold..... never again. It was so messy and the stuff started to harden before I even finished molding it. Its all over the porch. It is cute though. I was running around trying to get everything cleaned up before hubby got home, it was crazy. I told Lilly that she gets a surprise for helping out with Zach so much. If she wouldn't have helped entertain him while I was getting things ready and cleaning, it would have never gotten done. Lilly painted hers like a rainbow....

Saturday, Lilly gave him his card from her, the shirt she picked out and both kids gave them their prints. He didn't really say anything about them......
Lilly had a game, her last t-ball game. The weather was nice, but it rained the entire time. No one really minded. I got some wonderful pics of her on my other camera. Zach stayed in his stroller under the umbrella. It wasn't raining hard. The coach was pitching to the kids and Lilly hit it every time! After the game we had a party and they handed out **trophies**. All the kids were so excited. Lilly went home with her father after that and I won't get her back until next Monday. Its his vacation time with her.
Found out Friday that hubby's grandpa was in the hospital for pneumonia and a kidney infection. By Saturday the infection had spread through his body. Saturday night we found out that hubby's uncle was in the hospital too. He has liver and colon cancer, found out Sunday while hubby was there visiting that its stage 4 cancer. I've never asked for this, but please pray for hubby's family.
Sunday, hubby's first Father's Day, Zach gave him his card and the shirt from him and the thing he made in day  care. Hubby wore his shirt. It said "New Dad 2011" I dropped him off at the hospital and went to visit my grandparents. I wanted to stay at the hospital with him, but Zach wasn't allowed in... that and I didn't need Zach getting pneumonia...
Pulled into my grandma's driveway and there was my dad's car. I didn't know he was in. So I surprised everyone with a visit from me and Zach. We only stayed a little while before we left to pick hubby up. We went to his dad's house to give him his stuff, but after about 5 minutes there his dad left to go out to eat with hubby's mom. We didn't want to go since we just ate, so we stayed at the house and waited for their return. We hung out there for a while before we went home.
Zach was being very whiney last night. I couldn't get him to go to sleep until after 11:00....and he got up twice last night.
3 year anniversary is tomorrow. I told hubby I didn't want to do anything and I didn't want him to buy me anything. We need to save money. As long as we spend the day together, that's fine with me. We tried watching the newest Harry Potter movie last night, but Zach was crying, so maybe that's what we can do for our anniversary.

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