Monday, March 26, 2012

Back to Monday

Left work at noon on Friday so I could rush home and clean a little before my bff showed up. We went to the kiosk and got our movie, to Taco Bell to get our tacos then to the gas station to get Choco Tacos. Back at home, we start Breaking Dawn Part 1 and crunch on our tacos. Dorito Loco taco was awesome! How could this not have been a thing already? Why was I not the one to think of it? Crazy stuff. Then our movie starts skipping, it is scratched. So we drop our tacos and rush back out to the kiosk to get another.
Hubby ends up coming home an hour early and interrupting our hang out time. Seriously! I only get to see her once a month. How much would it suck if you got to see your only real friend just once a month for a couple hours at a time? Now, how much would it suck even more if someone kept intruding on your time with your best friend? Exactly!
Anyway.. we really weren't that impressed with the movie. It took 2 hours to badly tell a story that could've really took 20 mins. The makeup sometimes was so bad we were laughing at it. This is a great example of how the books were way better than the movie.
She went with me to get the kids. Lilly had ball practice so I got to pick her up. Then my bff headed out. We ordered pizza. It started to rain and Lilly started to cry. She was really wanting to go to practice. I told her she'll probably still have it as long as it doesn't storm. We get to practice and her father is there waiting. I tell him about the crappy coach. Within 5 mins of practice, he doesn't like her either. They only practice for about 15 mins. It starts raining harder so we all head out. The coach decided on maroon outfits with pink lettering and pink socks. I bet that's going to look bad.
I spent most of Saturday at the in-laws. Hubby was changing the oil and rotating the tires on both our cars. It was nice outside. I played with Zach and ran around and wore him out. Here's him sliding down his little slide at their house.
 Sunday we spent at the fire station for family day. It was Mexican themed. We ate Mexican food and played some games. Zach ran around like crazy and played with all the kids. When it was all over, hubby was helping clean up. Zach was tired, so I put him in his stroller and went for a walk and look what I found!
A five leaf clover! Its real. I'm not kidding! It looked like 2 had grown together because there was 2 stems stuck together. Are 5 leaves lucky?

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