Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Small recap

I feel like there's so much that I have to put up on here. Not just for all of you to read, but for me to be able to go back and read later. Something for my kids to read when they grow up. Its not like my blog is going anywhere. Its my journal, my way to vent, my way to recollect, my way to reach out. Yeah...I did mess it up there for a little over a month and I didn't/couldn't post and it was killing me. I felt like I had lost someone, sort of. This blog is very therapeutic for me and without, I do feel a bit lost. I didn't get to talk about Zach's birthday party, so I'll do that now.
We actually got to have the party ON his bday. How often does that happen? We did a construction theme. He picked it out, I think I talked about that before, back when we were shopping. I got some caution tape from the maintenance guys at work and we bought some cheap plastic dump trucks and bulldozers to sit on the tables. We had a good turn out. It was all hubby's family, friends and then my grandparents. We didn't invite any kids from day care like I thought I wanted to. First, the kids played. Zach ran around and played with the balloons. I bought a helium tank and we had some blew up that way, but then we had a bunch just laying on the floor just waiting to be kicked around. Then, it was presents time. We got about halfway through them when Zach decided he was done. So, we stripped him down and gave him cake. While I was watching him eat and poke at his cake, hubby served everyone else their cake. I let him eat half of it, then I cleaned him up. After he was dressed, he crashed on my shoulder and took a 10 minute power nap. Then I let him play some more. I handed out the goodie bags to all the kids. Lilly blew bubbles for Zach. Then, we finished opening the gifts. Hubby's sister bought Zach a 'housekeeping' thing. It came with a sweeper, broom, a cart and some other little stuff. He saw that broom, and it was over. He grabbed it, jumped up and started sweeping. I couldn't get him to stop. We had just 2 things left to open. I let him play a while and then as soon as he dropped the broom, I swooped it up and hid it. After gifts, everyone played the game we had up. It was kinda like pin the tale on the donkey, but it was construction theme, so it was pin the stop sign in the right spot. The kids all played, then I made the guys play. It was funny.
There are pics of this up on my flickr account. Go check them out. I only got a few on my phone, the rest are on my good camera, but it'll be a while before I can put those up. I still have a bunch of pics from last year on a memory card. I gotta get those printed out and put in a book so I can flip through them whenever I want.
What else??....... Hubby's sister turned 40 and we threw her a 'surprise' party. She knew about it of course. With 4 kids and a husband who isn't very good at secrets... she knew. We went out to eat the day before her party. Her mom got sick. She was outside throwing up when we were getting ready to leave. 
UH.... I don't know. I started watching The River. Great, awesome show.
Oh, my 'promotion'... yeah...I won't call it a promotion per say. I'm suppose to be getting a raise, but I have no idea how much or when. I am now the assistant to 3 people and I am constantly busy. I am doing all these things that I've never done before... booking flights, doing expense reports, putting together presentations.... and they don't really give me time to learn or anything. They just tell me to do it and then I struggle to find out how. I am very stressed out.
Not to forget about the breakdown I had a month ago. I was just so tired and so stressed out I couldn't take it anymore. I was working like crazy, going home and doing everything while hubby sat around and did nothing. Well.. he said that he would help out more, but he hasn't and it seems like there's more to do everyday. Anytime I ask him for help he gets all huffy puffy or it takes him forever to do it. I couldn't get him to do anything last night because he was watching a movie. A movie we had on the DVR that can be watched at anytime. I am just so worn out, and to top it off, I'm getting home later because I go to the gym after work. I thought exercising was supposed to give me more energy..I don't have any. I have less, but I can't tell if its from the gym or just regular stuff. Working out does put me in a better mood, for a little while anyway.  
Tomorrow is my oldest brother's (Josh) birthday. He will be 30. Um... nothing more to say on that.

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